Based in the Bay Area, California, Trap x Art is a movement that fuses art,  hip hop culture and the spirit of being your own boss. Whether its your career, your art, your life, your beliefs, your body, your anything... we believe in self expression. Trap x Art events are a celebration of beautifully diverse people, unparalleled live art exhibits showcasing amazingly talented local artists, and of course dope music.... 

All of the artists and vendors who showcase at Trap x Art are able to demonstrate their creativity on their own terms, there are no rules, no fees and no percentage taken from their sales. Artists are also further supported and promoted through the Trap x Art TV series  & Trap x Art Magazine

Trap x Art events feature musical tributes to adorned artists and self-made record labels of the past and present who embody the essence of our movement. Each event features a new tribute that the music and some of the art will reflect. 

All guests are encouraged to express themselves artistically at the "make your mark" stations where art supplies and canvases are provided. 


Creators / Jesse Brooks & Amina Brooks

Brand Ambassador/ Mariamargarita Diaz


Resident DJS / DJ Criddy & DJ Mujie
Resident MC / Dnas


Media Director/ B Amechi Okechukwu

Resident Videographers & Photographers / Jonathan Shorter,  Jibrial Musahill , Dopevision , Flash x Photos, Jamaal Scott

 Resident Trap x Art Magazine Writers / Dani Elaine Carillo, Joshua Flores, Brandon Nixon

Resident Trap x Art Magazine Photographers:  Jonathan Shorter & Dopevision

Editor & Chief, Trap x Art Magazine: Amina Brooks & Jesse Brooks


Check out our interview below on KTVU's Bay Area People