Everybody got a fucking opinion about you. If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy.
— Cardi B



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(videographer, writer and model)

BIO: Hey cuties, It's Timara! I'm a freelance videographer, writer and model. Honestly I'm anything I put my mind to with an emphasis in video production. I want to spread awareness about Health-Lifestyle-Focus beginning on my Youtube Channel: ITSTIMARA. I see myself being a motivational speaker like Eric Thomas and letting the world know that YOU create the life for yourself. Lets grow together.



 Name: Corry Rogers


Bio: I am a self taught artist who creates drawings and paintings from everyday things that inspire me. My cartoonish artwork is a combination of the Pop Art and Street Art genres and is filled with colorful dopeness. My motto is “Buy Art,” whatever speaks to you!



Name: Sherelle Speed


Bio: I’m a dope local St. Louis artist with a identifiable style of work that consist of blurring and faceless paintings for the culture, many of which is inspired by nostalgia movies. I like my work to be themed and playful. I just like to have fun with it while representing the culture.

IG: The_artdoll


Name: Morgan Moody


Bio: My name is Morgan, I’m from Illinois but I’m always in STL! I love modeling whether it’s runway or print! I’m the spirit animal everyone likes to be around! Life of the party and enjoying life because you only have one to live!



Name: Rekha Allen

(Artist, model, actress)

Bio: I’m an aspiring actress who travels a lot. Attended a performing arts school in New York City, joined an agency in Memphis, I’ve done fashion shows, I’ve been on Fox 2 news, I’ve done open mic events in St. Louis as well as Atlanta, met a couple of people, done background work for a Netflix show, won a scholarship to go back to school, and also does a little designing just to kill time.



Name: Sol Smith


Bio: Hellooo I’m SOL SMITH , a 24 year old artist from Saint Louis , I specialize in Expressionism . I’ve started painting in 2014 and the journey has been simply amazing . Often I’m inspired by my family and music but I can be pushed by literally anything . I started to paint once I wanted to take my drawings to the next level, and that’s one thing I will never regret is moving to the next stage it was a real challenge but very worth it . My growth means everything to me and I will always elevate.



Name: Sabrina Thomas


Bio: I started modeling 2 years ago and have accomplished a lot since then. I’ve done runnway , hair , fashion shows , and commercials . Also I was a cheerleader for the Stl Blues when we won the Stanley cup championship

IG: Bbbarbz_


Name: Makel Hale

(caricature artist/ artist/ entrepreneur)

Bio: I have been painting for about 8 years and i customize clothing shoes and do oil and acrylic paints. I’m 21 from saint louis.



Name: Travon Greer


Bio: I create art to express my inner thoughts and as a way for me to free my mind from the real world. It’s so much easier for me to visually represent my thoughts rather than having to explain it verbally. I use my art to portray how beautiful and powerful black history is. My main inspiration art comes from ancient cultures, the more I’ve learned about ancient civilizations and their ideas the more interested I became. I try to incorporate a lot of the things I’ve learned into my art pieces. I use ancient symbols because their significance helps me add a deeper message in each drawing (Enlightenment).



Name: Marquis Parks


Bio: I pride myself on diversity and creativity they are founding principles of Kreative Klothing. The brands I provide are an apparel line for men, women, and kids to promote their originality and character.
I hope to expand the brands, by collaborating with TrapxArt and having our merchandise available for purchase on your in the shows.



Name: Morghan Echols


Bio: My name is Morghan and I am an artist, painter, and braider. I have been painting for 3 years now, but I’ve always been an artist. I was that kid in elementary school who always had a sketchbook in her hands. I’ve found my love for painting from going to so many art shows and seeing so many dope artists and their amazing work, and it inspired me to start painting. I’ve been braiding for about 6 years and I take pride in my work. I love what I do, and I love being able to be creative when it comes to my art and braiding.



Name: Tabitha Kristina

(Model and Brand Ambassador)

Bio: I am a 21 year old nursing student. Per growing up in a raw environment, my grandparents became my guardians at the age of 1. When I was a sophomore in high school my grand father was in a tragic accident at work leaving my grandma very stressed out causing her to have a stroke. Since then I stuck around home (STL) to go to college and take care of my grandparents with my older sister Dottie. In my free time while doing so, I got behind the camera for the first time my senior year of high school in 2016. It has only gone up from there and I continue to build my portfolio. Through the Instagram world and being a brand ambassador, I see so much potential in the modeling world. I hope to grow more from this event and keep pursuing every dream I have.



Name: Tyrell Bronner


Bio: My name is Tyrell Bronner, I’m a stl artist from the downtown area. I came from drawing on the wall at age two, to doing murals and entering galleries. ’m self taught in in a few mediums; charcoal, oil pastel, colored pencils and acrylics(which I just tapped into October 2018). I have a keen sense for realism and I strive to perfect my craft.



Name: Anthony Bartley


Bio: I'm a Chicago native who currently goes to school in St. Louis. I've worked in university laboratories since I was 10 and that's greatly impacted how I view art. Every new piece is an experiment stylistically, technically, or otherwise. I'm practiced in several other artistic disciplines other than painting such as 3D modelling and animation, blacksmithing, and sculpting.



Name: Micheala Angelena


Bio: I am a visual artist currently working out of Nashville, Tennessee. Much of my work is portraiture, focusing on beauty in the black community. My most recent series highlighted black owned beauty supplies, and opened a conversation about how few of these staples in the black community are actually black owned.



Name: Devin Wheeler


Bio: I am ambitious, self driven, and career minded. I do what it takes to get to the next level. I have the will to put in the work without hesitation. Modeling is my passion and I feel I have the mind set and discipline in order to succeed in this field. I strive for different and I am willing to take chances.



Name: Jasmine Damara

(Artist, Model, Entrepreneur)

Bio: I’m a Jas of All Trades. I tend to find my lane in whatever makes my little spirit smile. My spirit tends to smile when I am able to create and just be me, naturally. Modeling is one of those things that just comes naturally to me, and I truly enjoy modeling. Not only do I model, I am a creative artist, rhythmic poet, a yogi, and a self-proclaimed chef who focuses on plant-based foods. My friend & I have created a non-profit organization, blaque (Instagram: @stillblaque), that focuses on healing through art. We actually have an art show coming up September 21, 2019! I’m working towards opening my own plant-based restaurant in Saint Louis which is long overdue. We have vegan/vegetarian spots, but no true plant-based options. I’m looking forward to having a farm, so I can grow my own produce to use for my restaurant. I’m extremely excited about this entire journey! As you can see, I have a lot on my plate, but I love to eat! P.S I’m working on a book as well that will focus on the correlation of health and westernization!



Name: Kayla K3mp

(artist/ entrepreneur)

Bio: Wazzup world my name is K.K3MP. I'm an artist who loves to paint and come up dope creative ideas and concepts. My style of art is cartoonish with a hint of realism. I like to use other mediums to be unique and make my art stand out. I also have a tshirt brand called "Be_Raw". All the shirts have cultural sayings, creative word play that represents black cultural, empower people to love themselves, and embrace their natural RAWness.



Name: Chandler Jack

(Artist, Model, Entrepreneur)

Bio: I love to paint on anything, shoes, jackets, canvas, etc. My favorite type of art will always be painting cartoons because creativity has no limits.

IG:cjsprimelife & pharaohaffiliated


Name: Janessa Jenkins

(Artist, entrepenur, freelance graphic designer)

Bio: I am a St. Louis, MO native inspired by interesting faces and people I see around my city. I started drawing at a very young age. My dad would make me draw cartoons and comic book characters to sharpen my eye. Once I entered high school at Hazelwood Central I had a group of amazing teachers that pushed me toward mastering my skills. I took as many art classes I could and entered plenty of art shows. I would have private tutoring sessions during Homeroom just to learn how to become a better artist. By senior year I decided I would go to college at Southeast Missouri State University to study graphic design. While in college I learned how to hustle. I sold hand drawn portraits out of my dorm room, made all of the flyers for the NPHC Greek events at SEMO and all over Missouri. I eventually dubbed myself ColorTripz and began to build my brand as an artist. Art is in my core I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I am inspired by the faces I see, the graffiti and the beauty in the decay of my city. St. Louis, it raises us to grow and HuSTLe with an impact. I've made a promise to myself and my family that I will do exactly that. ColorTripz- Experience the vibe. Embrace the culture.



Name: Keysha B


Bio: My name is Key and I am a 24 year old artist born in St. Louis but raised in Columbia. I am currently pre-med at mizzou and a full time artist outside of that. I started painting 8 years ago because I had to take art as a high school requirement and I fell in love with the feeling of expressing myself through painting. I specialize in mixed media art and cartoons. I also give art lessons and throw community and night life events involving art and finding your creativity. One of my major goals as an artist is once I graduate, finding ways to make art therapy for others. I firmly believe creative expression is a way to release anything that may be building up inside and ground you to see things more clearly, kind of like writing in a journal but with pictures.



Name: Dragun Wright

(Singer-songwriter and a part time witch doctor)

Bio: Teacup Dragun, Singer-songwriter, Emotional Dreamer, full time Thrift Stalker part time Zombie hunter. I started music off in church but departed because the love for music talking about Satan and word of God wasn't a good mix so I branched away. If Marilyn Manson & Erykah Badu had a Daughter it Would be me. (: My sound is two star crossed emo lovers fighting to be with each other but desperately trying to commit a beautiful suicide.Picture your self at a funeral but your summoning a woman from the dead with your local Witch doctor, candles are lit in her memory and black rose petals are laid for her remembrance. Then you hear deadly enchanted vocals ... Welcome to my funeral *starts singing* It’s Hell I love to call home. I suck at jokes, my jokes go from trying to be funny to sounding depressing I take a shot of tequila while I’m on stage, tequila is my drink. Just be prepared to be happily in your feelings and possible call your ex during my set and they don’t answer but calls you back later and you don’t answer 😌 Xoxo Emo Hoe



Name: Destiney Lomax

(Artist and model)

Bio: I have been modeling for 3 years but I’ve recently found a new way to express my creativity. Although I was not a hands on artist in the past I can proudly say that I am now. I am in the process of curating an art show that will take place July 11, 2020. My goal as an artist is to connect with everyone around me on a personal level, whether it’s through simple conversation or through other ways of connection. Peace ✨



Name: Kalika Groaning


Bio: Kalika Groaning (b. 1997, St. Louis) is a self taught artist whose work explores a vast range of topics, including celebrity culture, racial identity, gender identity, and mental health. With a concentration in portrait oil painting, her objective is to present today’s pop culture, create conversations about the experiences of the black and mixed-race person, and critically depict individuals facing mental illnesses.



Name: Lanaisha Dugas

(model, entrepreneur, and actress)

Bio: I’m originally from Southwest Louisiana and moved to St. Louis to obtain my Master of Public Health degree. When I’m not serving the public, I’m bringing some southern flavor to The Lou in the form of modeling and acting. I also just launched an online accessory boutique for kids!



Name: Janice Bates

(Model, makeup artist, YouTube channel coming soon)

Bio: Hi, my name is Janice and I model. My model name is Janice Victoria, Victoria is my middle name. I also do makeup and love fashion. I like to consider myself as an artist because I'm good at multiple things. My personality is little on the shy side, I like to express myself through my work. Once I warm up to people I am laid back , cool, and good vibes kind of person. I love art in general so I love to go to art shows, museums, poetry shows, and etc. My future plans are to start a YouTube channel for modeling, makeup, fashion, and music.

IG: Janice.Victoria_


Name: Makayla Lever


Bio: I am a self taught artist. My main media is Acrylic but I’m also open to using different media. I paint how I feel and I paint what I like. Anything for African vibes to mashups between cartoons and movies. I love Rick and Morty so you’ll see a lot of Rick and Morty mash ups in my shows. I am St.Louis born and raised. I’ve had a few shows with STLCULTURE and VibesSTL and I just had a recent show with Raw Natural born artist and loved every one. This is something I want to do full time and my goal is to open my own gallery and travel and teach across the globe about art and how it doesn’t have to be perfect to be considered art.



Name: Kyla Hawkins

(Visual Artist)

Bio: I’m a visual artist born in St. Louis. I love vivid bright colors. Art has been my passion since I was 6. I’ve been creating ever since. Most of my current work uses bright almost neon colors. Similar styles to pop art and surrealism.



NAME:Quaron Gooch

(artist, sculptor, entrepreneur)

BIO:“Gooch Art” isn’t just the brand or logo of my art, it is my story. To some people art is just a hobby, to others it may be painting the most popular style to make a quick buck, but for me my art is not only an escape, but it’s a blank page for me because I can create what I feel, what I think, and what I love. I make art to project the things going on within my heart, or within the world. I want to be remembered for something more meaningful than painting a flower, or an animal. The point of my art is to deliver a message that most people wouldn’t want to verbally deliver. I am very passionate about my art because it is my dream.

IG:goochart_co or _quaron


NAME:Ellen Jones

BIO: I’m an aspiring model in stl and I'm excited to be involved with trapXart.



NAME:Stacey Pugh

BIO:Stacey L. Pugh is an expert connectHer, consultant of the consultants, and adventurous auntie of the internet.



NAME:DeAndre Morrow

BIO:I am a upcoming Fashion Designer/Stylist & Multi-Media Artist from St. Louis. I have a Brand that I have been working on for 3 years now called Capitalize & Prosper. It started with wanting to just become better at everything I knew I was talented at. I also do different styles of art from time to time but I’m mostly focused on my Brand and becoming some one big like Ronnie Fieg & Virgil Abloh. They are two of my biggest inspirations in Fashion branding. I’m a open person who loves to use music as a aesthetic in different styles of fashion and art.



NAME:Hope Vaughn

BIO:Im 21 years old born in raised in STL. Im working to pursue my dream in alternative modeling while pursuing my career in nursing as well. I love traveling, especially out of the country ,networking, and doing anything adventurous that involves thinking outside the box! I hope to be successful one day and continue to grow into the woman i dream to be.



NAME:Gabby M.

BIO:Hey I’m gabby! I just started getting into modeling going on a year now. So, I’m new new when it comes to modeling, but I’m really getting to know more about it. I want to network more and meet more interesting people.



NAME:Andriana Marmon

BIO:St. Louis born and raised, been modeling since my junior year of high school. I’m always working and studying the greats to perfect my craft. I look forward to networking and seeing everyone’s dope art!




BIO: Lt, who goes by the stage name NatureboyLT is a multi-genre, multi-talented artist currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri where he was born and raised. He is a self-taught solo artist, and works closely with best friend, brother, and mentor 2/1(Twone). Having been pursuing rap music actively for the past year, he got his start through influence taken from a variety of genres including old school rap, Mo-town, Classic Rock, and more recently, hip-hop and trap music. With his work not fitting into any generic mold, he describes it as New Age/New Wave, and gives himself the freedom to create as he sees fit. Music is the heart and soul of who Natureboy is at his core, and through his work he hopes to be able to bring change to the world one tune at a time. With a few showcases under his belt, he has plans to do more, and aims to tour with AudioOdysseyRecords. Currently his work can be found on streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, Spinrilla, MyMixtapez, AudioMack, and YouTube.





Bio: I have been modeling for 10 months, I have been in 2 music videos, I am licensed hairstylist, that owns their own hair company .

IG: tiffanyperfect

Name: Auvion Coleman


Bio: I am a female photographer based in Saint Louis, MO. I’ve been doing photography for 5 years now. I love capturing people and being able to capture memories. Photography is a way for me to express how I’m feeling at the moment. I plan to become a fashion / editorial photographer.

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