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what is trapxart?

we are a community of creatives and a movement encouraging self-expression and entrepreneurship.




When you being real, you aint worried ‘bout who fake
— Meg Thee Stallion

there are some dope people involved in our htx community, scroll down to see a sample


NAME: Tamarica Gooden


BIO: I started drawing at a young age and it became my passion. I took my first art class when I was in the 6th grade and kept taking it as an elective all through high school. I studied one year of Art at The University of Houston main campus and loved it. I’ve always dreamed of showing my artwork in different museums and displaying my art all over the world.

IG: mara_artist


NAME: willow massicott


BIO: I’ve been modeling for 4 years but just this past year i’ve been taking it seriously. I also one all for opportunities! let’s shoot!

IG: tawnuim


NAME: Valencia Are


BIO: I’m a 22 year old artist from Houston, Texas. I started painting in my free time during college and began taking it more seriously my junior year. Most of my art is focused on expressing the beauty of Black people but I also enjoy doing anime and celebrity pieces from time to time as well.



NAME: Dominique Matiella


Bio:I am 21 years old, Senior at Texas Southern University. My major is Radion, Television, and film. I strive to one day be a radio personality or Television host. As of right now i consider myself to be a fashion influencer, the name speaks for itself. I have a fashion series I drop every other Monday called “DomDay” I create dope fashion content. I want to influence people with my fashion and great social skills! I love to connect with new faces and opportunities!

IG: Domtheprob


Name: Honest Art

(caricature artist/ artist/ entrepreneur)

Bio: Grew up in K.C.Mo former BET marketing rep I do caricatures in the galleria mall store called Aveda



Name: Urban Winters

(Artist, singer, painter)

Bio: Houston born, Chicago raised I have been using my city life experiences to create abstract art, music and creativity in the community for the last few years. Being an active painter for Trap Art Tours, this will be my 3rd year participating and displaying artwork. A go getter, and always having an independent mind-frame, I moved out of my parents house at 16 while still in highschool and working at McDonald’s. I’ve always had a passion for my natural talents, so painting, singing writing and being creative comes easy to me. A Sagittarius, I’m always adventurous and looking for my next best interest. I have songs streaming on all platforms, sang at the house of blues , Houston underground and will do just about any open mic! Level headed and grounded, my many talents keep me on the edge and my dream is to be able to share wit the world my creative gifts.



Name: Colin Schoenemann

(Visual/Mixed media artist)

Bio: I have been making art as long as I can remember. The last 10 years or so,I have been working on a lot more Houston pop culture art and pop culture art in my own unique style. I use tons of different mediums, and I use a bunch of different subjects in my work. Available for commissions!!



Name: Dajsha Vinson


Bio: Beginner stylist, and soon to be making my own designs and clothing brand.



Name: Martina Grayer

(Graphic designer and Surrealist)

Bio: From a small town in Arkansas, I am an artist specializing in digital design and abstract surrealism. Using acrylics, crayon, color pencils, primed canvas and unconventional "canvases", I take life events of people I meet and some of my own to create colorful depictions of the world we live in. I seek to give emotion, awareness, and vibrancy to even the darkest circumstances. Art has been my saving grace, and I hope that my art can be someone else's.

IG: mikkiloud



Name: Meca Samone


Bio: I love making abstract art. I started with fluid art because I love expressing with color but lately I’ve taken a break from that to focus on I started painting 4 years ago to ease my depression and fell in love with the process. Art is the reason I wake up in the morning. Painting has allowed me to express and explore my inner world in ways I’ve never imagined. more serious pieces. My style of art uses heavy amounts of texture to give the painting more of a 3D effect and bring it to life. These days my art is becoming more experimental and emotional. I want to continue to push myself to try new things and work with different mediums.

IG:ArtBaeAesthetic TWITTER:ArtBaeAesthetic



Name: Ray Mathews

(Visual/Graphic Design Artist)

Bio: Hello! My name is Ray Mathews. I’m a 25yr old visual/graphic design artist, from the 3rd Ward area. I fell in love with art at the age of 3. Since then my passion has created an avenue for me to not only express myself, but network and connect with other creatives. I plan on finishing school to become an art teacher, as well as open my own art studio. I would consider art style as “abstract realism.” I take real life images and place an abstract spin on them. I’m also a Christian, so I like to incorporate messages & scriptures from religion. I also take from my own personal experiences in my life and try to use it as a way to connect with people with my art.

IG:_raywise TWITTER:_raywise


Name: K Bee


Bio: My name is K.bee & I am a visual artist from Houston,Tx. I've been painting for about four years now. I'm 29 years old, Taurus, and a mother of 1.

IG:_Lowkey_The_Optimist_ TWITTER:TheOptimist



Name: Tony Webb

(I am a model, actor and athlete)

Bio: Movement is medicine is the slogan I live by. I’m an aspiring actor and model. I’ve acted in theatre stage plays and a few music videos and currently apart of a web series “side chick”. I’m a Former pro arena league football player, currently providing my knowledge and workout routines as personal trainer in between finding projects on screen to get involved in. Just getting my face and name out to world is scratching the surface to greatness. I aspire to inspire and blessed to see where this journey of life takes me.

IG:18_Tony TWITTER:Anthony_who


Name: Teyana Royal


Bio: 21 year old rapper from Louisiana, paving the way for black trans women in HipHop



Name: Troi Speaks


Bio: My name is Troi Speaks and I am an emerging multimedia artist from Van Nuys, California, currently focusing on painting and poetry. I uses these platforms to express the chaos of existence in seemingly simple ways. With color and line; punctuation. We all experience every emotion in a plethora of ways, everyday. These works are feelings. My point is that peace, albeit brief, can be found in knowing that life itself is complex and confusing for everyone. Ultimately I plan to open a multi-purpose greenhouse gallery called GREEN CAT GLASS BOX (G.C.G.B) that will serve as a poetry venue (and possibly also a Bed & Breakfast for fellow artist,) among other things. Right now I am in the process of branding myself and building a network of like-minded people. Please contact me for any further questions.

IG:g.c.g.b TWITTER:Brownsugarfoot1



Name: Morrisa Brown


Bio: Hi I'm Vision iam 23 an Iam a Houston Based model. Ive been modeling for about 5 years, and amateur acting for about 2 years .I dare to be different," an look dam good while doing so, I might add".I want to inspire people world-wide , an teach self-love to people who lack in sight. My overall goal is to be the best I can be in everything I set my ambitions on or invest my time in. I'm a Jack of many trades, but modeling is what I'm most passionate about .That being said there isn't a day I take for granted.



Name: Chris Perry


Bio: 31 year old Houston native. After leaving the military went to school for M.I.S. at TSU. Fell in love with art in the process. Started writing poems and songs. As well as working on a clothing line.



Name: Dwayne Moore

(VISUAL artistS)

Bio: Ive been in love with art since I was 5, but I’ve only been painting for about 4 years now using acrylic paints. I paint anime, sports, portraits, shoes, and cartoons.



Name: Martin Balsam


Bio: I created “Nobody Support Art" to influence those who want to become and/or continue as an artist. The mission is to give SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT to those following our purpose of creating all art (Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film)






Bio: By way of Harlem USA, I am a Houston based Visual Artist. Jazz & Hip Hop Music are my inspirations. My genre is Abstract & Graffiti, Mixed Medium.



Name: Monèt Cline


Bio:I’m a self taught sketch artist and painter from Houston. My medium of choice is acrylic, however I do venture into mixed media from time to time. Art is my passion not just a hobby. It also has been a blessing. To create pieces from my heart and see it’s appreciated is the greatest feeling in the world. I just want to leave my mark on the world and have fun while I’m doing so.



Name: Abigail Arefaine


Bio: It took me years to actually feel comfortable with releasing my creative ideas into a tangible product. I always thought fashion was a hobby to me, and that it was something I should not take seriously in order to become successful. But I soon realized it is a part of my essence and my being, from my nails to my hairstyles, the art in fashion is my passion and it keeps me going.

I have finally released my online boutique, “Gloupbabez,” it is empowers all ladies to locate their inner glow and channel her inner goddess. We want to enable ladies to pursue their dreams no matter what society tells them. My boutique will be a platform for women to wear statement pieces that are unique and unlike most.




Name: Jillian Hill


Bio: I’m a artist in the Houston Tx area. I’ve been painting for 3 to 4 years now. I post a lot of my art on Instagram along with my other social media. I also have a new YouTube channel as well where I show time lapse videos of my artwork. Follow me, comment, or buy some dope artwork!

IG: jillianjhill twitter:lavishjillian


Name: Justin Quinones


Bio: Im a Self taught artist born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Los Angeles California at age 8 I began drawing objects I seen around the house that’s where I think my art career began in middle school I would buy packs of sharpies in all colors and make custom t shirt and I soon found out what airbrushing was at age 15 I began working at a airbrush shop in the local mall as a intern really just wanted to soak up the game, eventually I was able to get paid for my airbrushing skills at the same time I would fall in love with GRAFFITI which changed my life forever and is the foundation of my style now at 28 I’ve became a full time artist my goal is to be in the mix with all the greats..



Name: Deekay Hendrix


Bio: I’ve been doing art for as long as i can remember on and off, off and on. I don’t have an exact style, i just paint according to the vibe I’m feeling at the moment.



Name: Annah Ladewig


Bio: I'm a 20 year old painter my work is just a representation of my wild mind.In person I tend to be very shy or awkward but my art is really my voice it tells who I am and the weird things I think about all day.I have recently started body painting as well and am exploring new levels of my craft it's fun incorporating my own artistic story into somebody else's story when I take body painting clients I make sure that something within the peice represents them as well so they can have there own personality really bring out the art. I have alot I want to accomplish with my art so I dont really know exactly where I want to go with it but I know the journey will be interesting, the end goal is to have my own little wonderland studio where I will be teaching classes of creativity I want to really go into the depths of people's imagination rather that focus on skill I want to focus on purpose on how art can help you Express yourself when you can't Express yourself any other way.




Name: Jeremy McGlasker

(visual artist)

Bio: My name is Jeremy McGlasker, I go by the artist name of “Sir Skoobi” I’m a Visual Artist out of Houston, TX. I’ve been drawing since early childhood I began painting in around 2003. Currently I’ve been focusing on digital drawing and photography. My favorite medium to use is acrylic paint, I usually work fast and it cuts the drying times in half for me opposed to oil paint. At the end of the day I just enjoy creating and seeing the end results of what’s been created. Be sure to check out my website for prints and t-shirts of recreations of my art.

IG:sirskoobi website:


Name: Elijah Caldwell

(artist/ designer)

Bio: I am an African American artist based in Houston Texas. My primary mediums are acrylic paint and print ink. As an artist my goal is to explore African American culture as well as hip-hop and pop culture. I attempt to bring in concepts people can relate to and enjoy at their core. I feel like art is just a representation of my world experiences. Every piece embodies my soul, mind, and energy all together.




Name: Neff Univers


Bio: I’m a socially frustrated artist in Texas paying too much to go to school for graphic design at Texas State University. I love printmaking, drawing, painting, editing/collaging images, etc! I have way to many interests for my own good which is probably a result of my short attention span. Similar to an aspiring personal trainer on Instagram who posts way too many stories, I’m constantly looking for new ways of working out my creative muscles and I love collaborating with other sad artists. My goal before I die is to write a book, make a movie, produce an album, curate an exhibit, I’m not kidding I want to try everything!



NAME: Amberae Watson

(Visual artist)

BIO: My name is Amberae Watson and as an artist I brand myself as the sixth sapphire. I’m a visual mixed medium artist and I have been painting since 2015. Music plays the biggest part in my creative process. My art style is a mixture of abstract, realism, and symbolism and my favorite medium is oil paint. My biggest inspiration for doing art is my father who was also an artist. I’m an overall creative person with many outlets other than painting, painting is one of the many crafts i enjoy doing.

IG: the6thsapphire


NAME: Ariah Williams


BIO: Houston Texas college student, born and raised here in the H. Always been a creator and create just about everything but visual art lol. I love to create music, lyrically, and compose. I also like to screen write but have been wanting to focus on photography recently because it was definitely a passion I’ve over looked for so long. So why not grow in something that I’ve always loved professionally?

IG: Media_Junkie_


NAME: Lawrence White


BIO: Fresh on the htown scene . Also a vegan activist constantly trying to inspire others to become their greatest versions of themselves by choosing to eat and live healthier but also spiritually. Fairly new to modeling in hopes of becoming a professional model that gets paid gigs constantly of course . I try to be the sunshine in others lives to spread positivity and love .

IG: tryppywzrd


name: Zainab Ali

(model & cheerleader)

BIO: Im Zainab Ali. im a big fan of art , have always been . i love the intensity that one piece can bring .im a cheerleader for my college so therefore i love promoting events.

IG: zainabbeatricee


name: Shola Aroniyo

(Model, stylist)

bio: Hello! I am an upcoming model in the Houston area! Making a niche for myself as a stylist as well. I am of Nigerian decent and tend to add my colorful background to my style and image! I look forward to working with many creatives and putting out dope vibes! I’m also looking into acting, to push the envelope for years to come with the longevity it brings.

IG: Roniyor


NAME: Katiyana Kitanova

(Visual artist)

BIO: I have been a lifelong traveller and I haven’t quite got a place to call “home.” I spent my childhood in Bulgaria, my university years in Cambridge, England and my adult life here in the States. Having to assimilate to different cultures, I often feel as though I am a foreigner in the new land while simultaneously feeling like a stranger in the old. I constantly grapple with the notion of belonging, identity and diaspora. I create paintings on canvas using oils and acrylics. My work focuses on faces since I am fascinated with people and deeply interested in human emotions, especially ones of grief, anger and despair. A lot of my inspiration comes from Bulgarian folklore, as well as my own frustrations with society that evoke certain emotions in me. And I also just like to paint. It feels good to create a large painting and examining what emotions it unlocks in other people.


name: Dita Montana


BIO:I’m a 27 year old abstract artist born and raised in Houston. I specialize in impasto paintings, mixed media art and abstract pieces.



NAME: Kleo Sol

(Artist. Jewelry Designer. Brand)

BIO: Peace, I’m Kleo Sol. Goddess of love and light. I am a singer/songwriter, currently working on my first project to be released at the beginning of 2020. I consider myself a healer using my gifts to bring healing. I will be bringing that healing to the Trap x Art show with my handcrafted jewelry art using natural crystals and copper. I, also, enjoy promoting self-love to women encouraging to appreciate the way God created them to be with my Naturally Thick T-shirt line. I just enjoy encouraging others because I know there was a time I didn’t get that when I needed. My motto is to always find and be that inner light in the darkness and spread it until it shines! Truly honored and excited to be apart of the Trap x Art show. Can’t wait to experience all of the vibes. Until then Peace, Love, and Power!!

IG: kleos_sol_shoppe


NAME: David Butler


BIO: I’m a senior from Dallas, Tx majoring in journalism at Texas Southern University . I produce and anchor the first sports show on TSU TV , Co-Host on the first radio sports show on KTSU 2, and I write for the TSU Herald. And a President List recipient may I add.

IG: _saucydave




BIO: I am a mom and educator by day and artist by night! Creating and participating in live painting shows is my favorite way to express my art. I have been sharing my art with Houston and all over the US. I have colorful cultural style, with my signature being faceless people in fun backgrounds. I use many mediums and inspiration to create my art. Art by WhoisAndrea is complex as I am!

IG: whoisandrea


NAME: Jacqueline Jones

(Visual Artist)

BIO: Through the ups and downs life throws at you to the slippery slopes and turns that occur in your life. I started drawing when I was a kid but got back into my gift/ craft recently when I felt like I was missing out by going along with the “right way” we have always been taught. Go to school, get a degree, get a good paying job etc. My paintings give you a trippy sense of my personality and spirituality of growth and leveling up. Not being restrained by the chains of worldly views but uplifted and feeling a whole vibes of peace and a sense of wonder. My artwork is a piece of my soul that I share with others. Through it I hope my soul tribe senses that they are not alone. But on the right track regardless of the hiccups that they may cross.

IG: jlovesjones


NAME: Stephan Brown


BIO: I'm originally from North Carolina, south side of Raleigh I took new adventures to Houston. In the Midst of growing and evolving I took the likes of the arts and combined my will to create and everyday social propaganda, and turned it into my passion. The urge for growth in humility and righter purpose fuels my mind to express, using all sorts of mediums. Making my creative work all multi media. specifically for this event I'm working on and looking forward to giving thought and expression to some different ways to create images, n highlight other Amazing Trap Artist. I hope you enjoy.

IG: Hostilearts_


NAME: Will Paschall

(Artist / Graphic Designer)

BIO: Graphic Design student at the Art Institute of Houston. Artist. Paint on canvas is my medium. Love Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Soca, Reggae, Afrobeat, Gqom, all music.

IG: will_paschall


NAME: Christopher Hernandez


BIO: I am an illustrator and graphic designer crawling across the art community with my graphic brand Skiderhouse based on pop culture ,horror and fantasy. As an independent business owner I am striving to bring Skiders (skull spiders) and the themes that inspire me across the universe with art, stickers, apparel, enamel pins and art toys. Crawl the wall with me on the edge of light and darkness.

IG: TheOliveKnight



(Poet & ActresS)

BIO:I love spoken word poetry, I also do fashion modeling & independent acting.



NAME:K’Lyn McGhee


BIO:I’m K’Lyn, I’m 22 and from Lafayette, La. I enjoy outdoor activities, meeting different people, and making new memories. I’m Friendly and very welcoming so if you see me speak!



NAME:Dakvin Hendrix


BIO: Dakvin Hendrix is a current resident of Houston, Tx and a college graduate of Grambling State University. He graduated with a bachelor's in Kinesiology and currently works as a mental health therapist. Growing up in Winnfield, La Dakvin developed his talents and used his art to inspire and over come stress. He has no particular styles, but seeks inspiration in his patients and fellow artist.

IG:DeekayHendrix & Sociallyawkwardart


NAME:KeYana Holmes

(Political figure)

BIO:I am a political figure born and raised in the fastest growing and 4th largest city in the country, Houston, Texas. By day I am rubbing elbows Downtown with the politicians of Houston, Texas. By night I’m brainstorming ways to integrate the culture I love so much into the political landscape of Houston. Two things I love: my culture as an Black, Houstonian woman & politics. See you in the courtroom!



NAME:Rayven Alexander


BIO:I’m Rayvii, an inspiring artist with a passion for my craft. Branching out with my creative, finding myself and growing while helping others do the same.


Clifford Hayes Jr

NAME:Clifford Hayes jr


BIO: i Started this independent Company 5 years ago. i Wanted to make a difference & show people if you believe in yourself & stay positive towards chasing your dreams you can achieve. I come from a small city in the Bay Area called Richmond Ca. I Have a strong desire to keep keeping the culture fresh globally.



NAME:Saedi Mclaughlin

(artist / model / Dancer)

BIO: I am the current “Miss Black and Natural” titleholder for Houston Texas. I have always had a passion for art of all forms whether it is on paper, fashion or dance.



NAME:Terance Gartica


BIO: I am an underground freelance creative experienced in graphic design and architectural planning, that graphically supports and strengthens upcoming brands and other underground creatives. I am also well cultivated in architecture design, logo designing, presentation layouts, illustrations, sketching, painting and photography. I hope one i can collaborate my Architecture skills and Art life together to help shine light on talented and under appreciated creatives across the nation.



NAME:Kennedy Mayes

(Model / social media influencer)

BIO: My name is Kennedy Mayes, I’m 18 and from Dallas Texas. I’m a student at Prairie view A&M university and I’m a model/ social media influencer. I strive to one day get signed to a major modeling agency as well as owning my own. I’ve always had a love for Art so being apart of this event is so exciting! I’m a creative social butterfly so I do hope to meet cool new people who love to inspire as much as I do!


NAME: Nay Mckinney


BIO: I’m authentic, outstanding, friendly and just a down to earth type of person. I recently moved to the Houston area and I love it!

IG: Itsallaboutnay

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