OCTOBER 4, 2019, 10PM-2AM, 21+


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Everybody got a fucking opinion about you. If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy.
— Cardi B




 Name: Maujanette Feagins


Bio: I am a burst of energy that everyone needs! Unique look and style. Meg Stallions sister, the skinny one, and just a good time!



Name: Sapphire Monet


Bio: My real name is Celeste. I’m 22 and a mother. I’m very outgoing with a lot of energy and high vibrations. Modeling has always been a passion of mine, guess you can say I’ve always had a passion for fashion. My ultimate goal in life is to 1. Do what God’s put me here to do and 2. Be someone that people can look up to and know that they can do anything they set their mind to with the lord on their side

IG: @_sapphiremonet


Name: Matthew Cones


Bio: I love dope art and love meeting other artist.



Name: Elijah Brown


Bio: Born in Newark, New Jersey on March 14, 1994, Elijah overcome the obstacles of a low-income environment through his dedication to music and basketball. Growing up in the inner city with six brothers and sisters and having relatives that operated in the streets, Elijah saw many harsh realities first hand. From financial struggles to life mishaps to cousins murdered in cold blood, Elijah has been able to overcome obstacles, play basketball in both high school and college, and graduate college with a Degree in Management Economics through an unwavering faith and belief in self.

While young, Elijah and his brothers formed a group called Sav Life that represented a mentality of “by any means necessary we will overcome our circumstances to become whoever we want to be in life.” Ten years later, their never say die mentality has transformed from The Sav Life into The Life. (A life anyone would be proud to live.) With his melodic/rap sound and east coast drawl, Elijah brings a dynamic one, two punch to all his songs that leaves people wanting more. Elijah Brown AKA E Tha Great is ready to take the rap game by storm. Just watch!



Name: Makalyn Barnes

(Professionally Published Model)

Bio: I am. 20 year old published model, singer/songwriter. I tap a lot into my creative side and use the universe as my inspiration. I plan on being a positive influence to those in my community and shed light on the cities amazing hardworking talent !



Name: SaGE Hughes


Bio: I’m the most loving smiling person ever !

IG: Saggey


Name: tori turner

(Artist, model, veterinary technician)

Bio: My name is Tori LaShawn Turner and I am a black artist first. I like to keep my artistic name as Tori Shawn. I love to create, express, and inspire. I let my eyes capture what I feel connected to and like magic it’s on paper or canvas. I love to watch myself grow and to me that’s special because there’s always room to grow for anyone. I’ve gotten better from when I was that little kid drawing on notebook paper. I have evolved and I don’t ever plan to stop. Like my granny told me “if you don’t use lose it”. I was born to be artistic and don’t ever want to lose that. I want to keep striving with everything I do. I’ve always loved animals since a little girl and when I’m not being artistic I spend my days of the week as a veterinary technician. During my off days I search for modeling gigs because I love beauty and fashion as well!

IG:@Toriwolfpak, @officialtorishawn


Name: taylor Cortner

(Cosmetologist/personal stylist)

Bio: I’m Taylor, born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. Art has always been a passion for me since I was a little girl. I found out the best way for me to express my love for arts is through fashion and cosmetology. I help my friends and families get the 5 star look before stepping out in all elements. I move with love behind every action!.



Name: Augustine Osei


Bio: Born and raised in Ghana (west Africa) i've always been passionate about my country and people and culture. Back when i was in the university in Ghana, i dropped out to start an NGO called ArtGhana which i hoped to help new and emerging young creators get noticed by the local and international market. It started great but failed eventually. Cut to the present, i migrated to the united states and, still having that passion within me that made me drop out of the university, i started colourfro, a company to celebrate the motherland Africa through apparel, and also to help creators in Ghana/Africa market and sell their products to the western world and beyond. I'm trying to make the world, a colourfro world *wink



Name: Jessica Winston

(Brand Ambassador)

Bio: I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and I’ve always had a passion for the arts. Even though I’m not so artistic myself the different aspects of art and culture have always been something that intrigued me. I am currently pursuing my degree in nursing to become a RN working in pediatrics. I have recently began working on my craft as well as being recognized by individuals to help support their brands and help gain exposure for not only them but for myself. I’ve always been a shy person so by making decisions to get outside of my comfort zone and trying new things that I probably wouldn’t have done a few years ago has truly helped me create my own platform and to build myself up. Being apart of Trapxart is something new and exciting for me and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!



Name: Leticia Nicole Gonzalez

(Model and Actress)

Bio: I am a loving wife and mother to my daughter Sophia. I am an entrepreneur who is building a social media marketing business called Social Impact Media. I currently have a couple of clients who I am building their website and media pages.
Furthermore, I am a freelance model/actress as well. I have more than a few projects coming up that I am excited for!



NAME: Jade loveless

(model, entrepreneur, beauty consultant)

BIo: I believe what is not meant for me was never mine. Messages are shown and I must be willing to accept what is awaiting. For my foundation is built on resilience, I stand 7 feet tall with ambition and confidence. Though I may have been turned down I do not stop at the word NO. I strive with many niches and continue to build on my legacy.

IG: Orignl_Loveless/ JustHerWork


NAME: Iman Clark

(Dancer and model)

BIO: Art is a way that I can holistically express myself when words cannot. Dance has always been my first passion, but throughout the years I have found ways into so many other forms within the realm of art. Through the arts I have been able to tap into new networks, meet tons of new people, see the world, and discover new things about myself and how I can grow even more as a person and a global citizen.

IG: iman__c


name: Kiara booker


BIO: Kiara Booker is a self taught visual artist from Columbus, OH. Her love for art began at a young age; influenced by many artists but mainly her grandfather. Since a young age Kiara has explored multiple mediums that the art world has to offer. From sketching, colored pencils, charcoal drawings,jewelry making, scarf making, and music. Kiara has found her true passion and is working on becoming a full time artist. She began her journey painting for the world to see in September of 2018. She considers herself a fine artist who ignites visions, pigment and a whole lot of

IG: artkiarab


name: maria Green

(Fantasy artist)

BIo: I am a Fantasy artist that aims to bring knowledge and understanding of the invisible world around us. Aside from painting, I am an art teacher, writer, and CEO of Growing Artistically, a nonprofit organization that’s mission is to heal childhood trauma through art therapy.

IG: iam_alexislove


Name: Donni Cole


BIO: Donald Cole Jr aka Donnijay I’m born and raised from Cincinnati Ohio .Model /Actor /Dancer . I have been modeling for 3 years now 2 of those independently . When I started modeling I knew I had to hit the ground running so I took every opportunity I could to do local shows and work with local photographers. Before I knew it I casted my first Nyfw star studded runway show in feb2018 for Stevieboi ft Jenna turner of America’s Next top model. I continued to book local & out of town shows Including Nyfw in Sep of 2018 and Walk fashion show in Chicago. I continued to challenge my self to always be better than my last photo shoot or project . I was signed to Heyman Talent Agency of Cincinnati Ohio in Dec 2018 and i still continue to push my self even harder now .Eventually I would love to be signed to a major agency in a major city. My goal is to capitalize on ALL my talents and make donnijay become a House Hold Name !

IG: donnijay


NAME: rebelle amore


BIO: My name is Ellen, but you can call me Rebelle, pronounced like rebel against the system. I’m South Carolina raised, Charleston to be exact. Im outgoing, bright bubbly personality, with a southern sass. Modeling is a passion of mine since I was fourteen, but I didn’t get into the business until I was twenty. I promote natural beauty and body positivity. I want girls like my sister to feel beautiful in the skin that they were blessed with. To feel confident and comfortable with themselves and not feel like they have to look like a size 2 or wear lots of makeup to be beautiful.

IG: rebelle.themodel


name: Brittany Anne Gray

(Brand ambassador)

Bio: I am NOT a model! I would describe myself as a cross between Whitley Gilbert and Issa Rae; bourgeois and socially awkward lol I am originally from Toledo, OH but I have resided in Cincinnati for the past four years. I am a micro influencer and brand ambassador; I have had opportunities to work with brands such as Shea Moisture, As I Am Naturally, Mielle Organics, and other small business to promote products and bring awareness to their brands. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the fine arts but I am not the least bit artistic; my art is expressing myself through style and my hair.

IG: itssbrittany_anne_

NAME: Ayiana Alatishe

(model, poet, singer)

BIO: Sister. Daughter. Advocate. Activist. I am Currently a student at the University of Cincinnati studying Criminal Justice Pre Law with a certificate in Forensic Populations along with being a full time Corrections Officer, being an artist has helped me to develop confidence and explore my creative side. I am a very intricate person with such depths, its like a whole new world.

IG: iyawn_ahh

Name: Kyra Lynn


BIO:My name is Kyralynn and i’m a 20 year old fashion blogger and life enthusiast who loves nature, new experiences, and finding new ways to love life everyday. I believe it’s never to late to chase your dreams and that no one dream is invalid. Every idea can be the next business in the future, or even at least someone else can benefit from it so don’t be afraid to put action behind it. I also have a youtube channel where I upload content on how i incorporate different pieces of clothing into multiple outfits like look books, OOTDs and OOTWs. I believe that fashion is art and a way of expressing yourself so a apology is never needed! Thank you 💕

IG: kyylizzles


NAME: Destiny L Griffith

(Singer and artist)

BIO: Thank you for including me in your TrapxArt Blog, I go by Destiny L, a singer/Indy artist here in Cincinnati, OH! My team and I, TAIFA, are a band of artists, musicians, and creative influencers who are working to emerge a dynamic networking culture right here in Cincinnati through music, branding, content, and fundraising. My first single,”Get Up” will be coming out Sept. 27th from my upcoming EP “Feels”. “Feels” is a complete vibe on its own and what I consider to be the birth of organic music experiences cultivated from the late nights and early mornings I’ve poured my gift into. Let me tell you, I CAN NOT WAIT to share it with everyone and in my #yearoffirsts I anticipate this being a beginning to a lifetime of success!

IG: theedestinyl


NAME: JAhmaica Leary


BIO: Hello all! I am an experienced model born and raised in Cincinnati, ohio. I have been passionate about the arts and modeling since I was 16. For fun I like to do yoga, practice makeup, and make YouTube videos about mental health and how to cope. I will also soon be a student at The Chicago School of professional psychology to pursue my dream and start a business focusing on adolescent mental health. Also, I am competing for Maxim's covergirl contest this year to get my story out there. You can vote for me in the link attached. Cant wait to meet you all ❤

IG: thejahmaicaleary


NAME: shawna marie


BIO: My name is Shawna Marie. Although I sometimes go by “Marie”. I’m 21 yrs old. And I starting modeling around the age of 8 yrs old. However I’ve been taking model jobs 3 yrs ago. I love modeling because to me it’s a form of art the craft makes me feel alive like I am a whole different species sometimes lol to me it’s honestly the one & only thing I’m good at in my life. Modeling gave me a purpose.

IG: _iamshawnamarie


NAME: Krystal Nicole

(Model, artist, entrepreneur)

BIO: Hey it's Krys! (aka K.Nicole) I'm excited to be apart of TrapArt Cincinnati! Art has always been something I've enjoyed- from painting, drawing and graphic design. I have been modeling for over 15 years and love expressing myself through photography and always changing up my look. In my spare time I run a ministry giving back to those in need, freelance doing makeup, and enjoy working out. Loving who you are, following your dreams, and keeping that self confidence is key to me. Enjoy life-you only have one!

IG: Xrysphoto


NAME: Santana Silas

(Graphic Designer/Creative)

BIO: I am Santana Silas the creator of Art Of Space Graphics and co-creator of Art Of Space Galaxy. I have been doing graphics since 2013 and have been blessed enough to do it so well that I made a business out of it. Since then i’ve done work with some huge clients including the troops in Afghanistan. Originating from Brooklyn, NY I’ve been in Cincinnati for about 2 years now and looking to get in the mix and get to know more creatives and people like myself in the city. In my two years being here I have linked up with a photographer and a barber who I’ve taken under my wing to form Art Of Space Galaxy and we’re looking to get into the mix and rub shoulders with new clients and make new friends in high/similar places! Looking forward to this event and many more.

IG: ArtOfSpaceGfx


NAME: Brittany Wallace

(Actress, model, writer dancer)

BIO: I have an extreme passion for the arts and entertainment world. My love for acting started on stage and has moved to film and print. I have been featured in a number of national commercials, print work along with independent films and stage plays. I recently returned from LA for a short stay where I was able to gain more knowledge, connections and was able to book some pretty big gigs. I am apart of a sketch comedy group called Take3TV, where we create, write, direct and film amazing content including sketches and shorts. Follow @take3tv for more content and if you would like your product or business promoted.

IG: Iam.BrittanyDanielle


NAME: Kenaya Manton

(Model / Entrepreneur)

BIO: I’m Kenaya, I’m 21 & glowing ! My favorite colors purple and blue. I love taking pictures & capturing the moment 🥰

IG: __Kenayaaaaa


NAME: Mariah Means

(Model, Visual Producer, Graphic Designer)

BIO: Visual Producer, Model, Branding, promotions graphic designer. Company name Rbluv Production and Promotions company. I produce visuals, photography, I Model and promote events and artist in the Midwest. I also have acted in some films and commercials. I am from Cincinnati Ohio and most importantly I am a mother!

IG: riah_bella, rbluvpro