SEPTEMBER 20, 2019


1440 S Tryon St #101, Charlotte, NC 28203

10PM-2AM | 21+


what is trapxart?

we are a community of creatives and a movement encouraging self-expression and entrepreneurship.




Can paint a picture that is vivid enough to cure blindness
Carolina’s finest
You knew that already
And turned to the greatest, I proved that already
— J Cole (January 28th)

there are some dope people involved in the CHARLOTTE EVENT

scroll down to see a sample


NAME:jahquis grant

(model, entrepreneur)

BIO: Currently in the works of building my own brand and business! A Warriors Soul offers etheric touch sessions, oracle readings, divination readings and I’ll be a certified Doula in November. I also have a niche for modeling, which is something I’d like to indulge more in. Other than that I’m a stay a home



NAME:Lakira Cobb

(Nail art, artist)

BIO:My Name is Lakira I was born here in Charlotte I'm 29 fell in love with art at the age of 4 been at it ever since! I also found a love in Cosmetology as a Nail artist I do from the most simple beautiful sets of Nails to the most Extravagant Crazy freehand Nail art sets! I'll be featuring some of both at the showcase, I'm so excited and grateful to be a part of such a Dope event!! Thank you for the Opportunity!!!!! Trapxart Charlotte here I come!!!!!

IG:Kandyshoppenails and drippy_diamondzart

NAME:Malaysha Belton

BIO: Hi, My name is Malaysha!
I am a digital artist originally from and based out of Charlotte, NC. I first fell in love with art at the age of 6, I remember vividly watching my older brother sketch different cartoon characters that we would watch on tv and being so drawn into the idea of being a creator just like him someday... That manifestation came full circle in my life. Fast forwarding to today, I am a recent graduate of Winston-Salem State university & a current Graduate student at UNC Charlotte studying art education. Art has motivated me to create more in life beyond the visuals & I am who I am because of it.


NAME:Dy-Mi Roberson


BIO:Dy-Mi is a singer/songwriter with multi-genre versatility. She specializes in hip hop and r&b song composition harnessing the effortless soul of her gospel roots on records that have surfaced on mainstream radio. Dy-Mi was born in Harlem, NYC and later moved to North Carolina where she has been expanding her fame globally. Whether its on runways modeling for fashion designers, hosting celebrity events or starring in Hip-Hop music videos, Dy-Mi is obviously ready to take it to the top level.



NAME:Orri Brown

(Entrepreneur and social media influencer)

BIO:One of my favorite quotes is that, success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. It’s rather easy to speak on your successes versus your humble beginnings but for me I like people to see where I’m coming from so there will be a respected recognition of where I am now.



NAME:Lynell LS

(fashion designer / actress/ journalist)

BIO:Bicoastal fun down to earth fashion art designer

IG:Swaggcreator / MizzBAPZ


NAME:Noah Hartley


BIO:I am a fine art painter and art educator from Charlotte who has been creating art for 4 years. My main body of work consists of illustrating endangered species to raise awareness for conservation.



Name:Odessa Johnson


BIO: I’m a model and I desire to make an impact in others lives. I sing, I write and I act as well


NAME: Nita Dee


BIO: I started modeling in late 2017. At that time I never even thought modeling was a possibility for me. It all kicked off for me from hosting an art war show. I gained recognition and and started booking all because two people believed I was good enough to get in front of the camera. Being a mother of 4, only 5'2 and spending my entire life as a tomboy, modeling wasn't something I thought I could fit in; I don't exactly scream model when you look at me. I've spent my entire late teenage to mid 20 years in the Army prior to coming to Charlotte. Charlotte gave me a whole new start and a whole new life. I'm forever grateful for the experiences I have had and continue to have here.

IG: Iam.nitadee


NAME: Alea Tobias

(Visual artist)

BIO: Visual artist attending ncat pursuing art

IG: _leathegoat


NAME: Tyrik Agnew


BIO: Local artist from Greensboro, NC. I started in painting in 2017 because I was dealing with depression and needed another outlet to express my thoughts. When painting, its more so I’m having a conversation with myself to deal with my inner emotions/thoughts. Thus, the conversation manifests into a my vision for my artwork. The process is always ugly, but there’s always beauty in the struggle. My style is combination of abstract and realism. Up close it’s a bunch of shapes but when you take a step back you can see the bigger picture. My ex used the saying” Oh Dont Judge Me” a lot and I kinda just rode with that. I always used judge others in certain facets of life and since painting my perspective has changed for the better. My logo represents the embodiment of growth, understanding, and accepting that you are different. Basically #FindYourHappyiness I spell “Happyiness” this way because I want people to know that you are the only one that can make yourself happy. I keep the letter “i” in between the word HAPPY and NESS for that purpose because I define Happyiness as inner bliss.

IG: OhDontJudgeMe


NAME: L.A. The Artist

(Acrylic Based Painter)

BIO: Picked up a paintbrush February of 2019 and haven’t looked back since. The ability to paint just came natural to me and being a self-taught artist has been a humbling an experience in itself. I’d love for you to experience this with me and enjoy both original and commissioned pieces on my website, instagram, and this amazing TrapxArt Showcase.

IG: L.A.The_Artist


NAME: Kayla Adams

(vinyl record-collector)

BIO: My name is Kayla...vintage-minded creative from Winston-Salem, NC! I collect records specifically from urban artists. I give album/record reviews on my Instagram page and start dialogue for hip-hip and r&b lovers to contribute. I also shed light on local record stores encouraging people to drop in and support. I am fascinated with the amount of effort it took to listen to music and the creativity artists displayed with their record artwork inside and outside the cover. I appreciate artists who still release music on vinyl, cd and cassettes. In a world full of digitality, there are 'analog kids' that still exist- I am one. Follow my Instagram page and let's chat! @peacelovevinyls

IG: peacelovevinyls


NAME: Tamara Groce

(Model, Actress, Entrepreneur)

BIO: My name is Tamara I go by Tam. I absolutely love modeling and acting it gives me an opportunity to help others build self confidence! I believe I can help little girls understand that they are important and beautiful in a respected way. I plan to own businesses that will help these kids know that they are the new future! I am available for bookings as well feel free to contact me!

IG: pyt_tam

NAME: Dacia Thompson


BIO: I am a makeup artist located here in Charlotte, also dabbing in modeling from time to time. I think Charlotte is full of so many talented artists and TrapxArt is definitely the event we need to be at!

IG: ObeyDayshh


NAME: Tyler Lanier


BIO: I started modeling when I was 17. I have posed in front of a camera for as long as I can remember and I enjoy doin it so much. Taking pictures or being model isn’t just about capturing the moment. It’s about exaggerating the art that already exists in life. I love creating different moments that showcase lots of emotions or themes. I hope to someday see where this takes me!

IG: tylerthomaslanier


NAME: Shanin Simmons


BIO: I am an independent beauty and fashion model from Greensboro, NC. I am a fun, outgoing person with a big personality! I love to meet new creatives or people that I am able to learn from. I want to be a role model for all young minorities that may or may not fit the standards that society placed on us. My future goals include growing in entrepreneurship, becoming a featured published model in a reputable magazine and growing my relationship with God.

IG: @sxpersweet


NAME: Victoria Orellana

(visual artist)

BIO: I love art, plain and simple. I draw portraits of people, more specifically other artists. As artist we draw, paint, or whatever the medium a lot of other people. So I wanted other artists to see themselves through other eyes. Theres not much to say after this. I love every aspect of art, I've done it since I could pick up a crayon, and that I just simply love it. If I can help out with anything relating to art, I'm here to help!

IG: lilbiggurlv


NAME: Quana Alexander


BIO: Since a child I felt modeling was IT for me. With my Big feisty personality and striking looks I’d consider myself the “Wild Card”. I’m well known specifically for “Versatility”. In addition to modeling I’m also emerging into small roles in films and music videos. I always tell myself it’s not what You know it’s “Who”you know. So with this event I’m looking forward to networking and meeting with Great people!

IG: quanajnae_


NAME: Marchelle Amandea


BIO: Hello! My name is Marchelle Amadea. I’m based out of Charlotte, NC. My art is a mix of fantasy plus real life situations. I paint on canvas, earrings, bags, and I design clothes.

IG: Marchelle_Amadea


NAME: anna slusser


BIO: Hey everyone! I'm Anna, I'm an ICU nurse and photographer based out of Charlotte. I'm inspired by high fashion editorials, the outdoors, and bright colors. I aim to be inclusive in my photography and try to highlight social issues while putting my own spin to it. I also am an avid film photographer and use that medium whenever I travel. I've only been shooting a year and can't wait to learn more and grow as a photographer and artist!

IG: @annaslusser


NAME: KyLa Amil


BIO:I’m Kyla Amil’ and I’ve been modeling for about 6 years now and am currently in the works of starting my own clothing line. I’m also a fitness influencer, and working on my certification for personal training in 2020. I love making a difference in other’s lives and helping to teach them how to be confident in the body they are in!

IG: lovethatkyla


NAME: Nakkia Wilson

(Entrepreneur, Model, Fashion Designer)

BIO: I'm from Charlotte and currently attend The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I currently am host to a few different arts in which I am able to freely create my own perception of my reality. I put together events from time to time while also having a clothing line (TasteLevel: Tha Family). This allows me to bring different creatives together to create one beautiful visual. It's easy for people to see the success and accomplishments, but it's harder for them to understand the sacrifices that took place to accomplish those goals.

IG: @_kia7


NAME: Kaela C.


BIO: I am a N.C. model that focuses on versatility; that is my niche. I shy away from being put in a categorized box and prefer to be open to all genres of photographer style . Im looking forward to connecting with fellow creatives at this event!

IG: kaela_poses


NAME: Lakeya Wheeler


BIO: Originally from Connecticut, traveled to NC to further my education at UNCC as a business major. I’m a model of many genres. I love art, I love music and I love to create!

IG: _kaution


NAME: Brittany Butler

(Licensed Cosmetologist and Social Branding Specialist)

BIO: Hey! I am Brittany, a Licensed Cosmetologist in the University Area of Charlotte, NC. I specialize in short cuts and Extensions. Outside of the salon I keep my creative juices flowing through the work of my social branding company, Yellow Lady. Yellow Lady focuses on building the social platforms of stylists, salons, and artists through photography, videography, and digital content. I’m very excited to attend TrapArt x Charlotte and get the chance to network with local creatives like myself ! If you see me there, let’s chat !

IG: Queenwiththatattoo


NAME: Lakhia Fuller


BIO: My name is Lakhia Fuller, I am a 22 year old native of Goldsboro, NC. I am a PROUD Alumna of Winston-Salem State University and a current M.S. student at North Carolina A&T. I am a food and travel vlogger and an aspiring model/ actress. I have worked as a brand ambassador for several beauty brands along with being casted as a model for a beauty bar commercial. I am interested in expanding my portfolio and working with new brands.

IG: SincerelyDani_


NAME:Bri Kubista


BIO:My name is Bri and I am a visual artist! I paint emotion. My target is mental health awareness and to open peoples eyes to the reasons of the different stories/ meanings behind certain paintings. I am 27 years old, I paint full time and I am trying to figure out how to build a brand for myself. It’s challenging. Especially coming from a cookie cutter household where my whole family works for big companies and gives their all to them. I don’t have much guidance when it comes to branding, marketing or selling in mass quantity so it’s always a learning experience. I am resilient, so I know that as long as I keep pushing forward it will all eventually come together.

IG: Bri.kubista


NAME: Trixie The Stylist

(Stylist and seamstress)

BIO: I am a seamstress and personal stylist new to the Charlotte area. I specialize in “thrift flips” where i take old unwanted garments and make them new and fashionable. I also enjoy styling for photoshoots and fashion shows. I offer personal shopping services to men and women as well.

IG: its_trixieee


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