We had a blast in LA, but we are really excited to be back at our home base, 111 Minna Gallery this coming Friday May 26. For this event, we will be doing a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey is trapxart. He is a very talented innovative artist and of course makes some great music. We have some really talented folks (as always) showcasing and vending with us for this one. For some of these artists, its their first time, and for others, they are trapxart veterans. Either way, we would love to introduce them to you! As we are gearing up for our Summer Runway Show (which is a tribute to cinema) we also asked all the artists what their favorite movie is, enjoy meeting them and see you all on Friday! 

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Nicole Freeman, 25 / Capricorn

IG @creativenikk  / Website:

Hometown: Bay Area  / Current Town: Santa Rosa 

My favorite movie is Love and Basketball I feel like I lived that movie. I watched it weekly in high school. It brings me back to my high school feels every time.

Asha Zinani, 27 / Taurus

IG @honeychokers  / Website: 

Hometown: Ossining, New York / Current Town: San Francisco, California 

My favorite movie is "Baby Boy." It's hilarious, but so real. Taraji and Tyrese made this movie a classic. 

Freeman, 300 Bang Bang / Gemini

IG: @trappedoutfreeeman / @Culturedvisualarts / Website: 

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area /Current Town: Ibiza, Spain 

My favorite movie is Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. I was probably 11 and accidentally stumbled upon the parody movie randomly in a Blockbuster with my friend ( yes on VHS ) - brought it home (think my mom bought it), watched it for the first time with my laughing buddy & best friend Justin, and my life was changed forever. We must've watched it a million times, along with Comicveiw, BET Uncut & GTA Vice City. Memorized and recited it constantly. It's not only my favorite movie for the rhetoric, comedy, and the brothers but because of how I was introduced to the movie, I thought we were the only ones our age who'd seen it, but in the coming years up to this day I constantly see the impact the film has had on the entire world, especially my generation. I still have the VHS. 

Shaina Walker, 24 / Aries

IG: @shainaxwalker / website:

Hometown: Berkeley, CA  / Current Town: Vallejo, CA

My favorite movie is ATL. I grew up in Atlanta, GA and between the music and dialect I believe it represented the young urban culture of Atlanta well. 


Wendell Coleman (Ismboutiquesf), 34 / Sagittarius

@ismboutique_sf, @smurflucci  /

Hometown: Jennings, La / Current Town: San Francisco, Ca

My favorite movie of all time would have to be "The usual suspects" because of its unpredictability & suspense. Every time I watch that movie it feels as if I'm watching it for the first time.. 


Arieana Castellanos, 21 / Leo

IG @youngcynicism / Website:

Hometown: Fresno, Ca / Current Town: San Leandro, 

My favorite movie is La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) because it is a story about Mexican immigration to the United States that really hit home for my grandma and me.

Patrick Mitchell, 31 / Gemini

IG @mitchellpatrick5

Hometown: Richmond, CA / Current Town: Richmond, CA

My favorite movie is The Dark Night because it is the only movie I can watch every day of my life.


Mike Bornstein, 27 / Cancer

IG @bornsteez / website:

Hometown: Connecticut / Current Town: San Jose, CA

My favorite movie is "The Outsiders" because "stay golden pony boy."

Joey, 31 / Sagittarius

IG @thahood.uber 

San Jose, CA

My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption because I can relate to it, also they have a saying "Get busy living or get busy dying."

 Ra'ab Osirus Bey, 45 / Scorpio


Hometown: San Francisco / Current Town: San Jose

My favorite movie is Bronx Tale because sistah reached over and opened the door. Classic

 Gerson Carranza, 25 / Capricorn

IG @gerson_builds / Website:                       

Hometown: Bakersfield, ca / Current town: Bakersfield, ca                       

The Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite movie because I love this man's passion and ambition. He has a vision even when he started from the basement, his vision is so humongous that he succeeds through it all. Life gets hard but You have to maneuver through the tight spots of it. And that's what's beautiful about life.

Jzela Johnson, 23 / Taurus

IG @Yng_Dstrsd / Website:

Hometown: Union City, Ca / Current town: Fresno, Ca

My favorite movie is Players Club because it is too funny, and truly some life lessons in that movie.

 Ariel Aylse Jackson, 28 / Cancer

IG @1MermaidBabe / Website:

Hometown: Richmond, Ca. 

My favorite movie is What's Love Got To Do With It "Little country church girl turned big Rock Star!" I love Tina's story to stardom as well as her huge voice! She shocked the world, and I intend to do the same. XOXO

Jamar Earnest, 23 / Pisces

IG  @nu.pharaoh & @drips._ / website:

Hometown: San Mateo / Current Town: Oakland

My favorite movie is Training Day. To see Denzel as a crooked cop but yet you still rock with him heavy in the whole movies is the best part about it. However, if you really watch the movie it tells you a lot about society and the different sides of people that we only have one perspective of. Every character in Training Day has two sides and everybody is in search of power or justice.


The Mackitty, Leo

IG @themackitty & @mackittycolours

Hometown & Current Town: outer space , from San Francisco to Sacramento

The complete Harry Potter series are my favorite movies.


Brianna, 22 / Virgo

IG @Briannaa_ashley / Website:

Hometown: Anywhere in the east bay basically lol / Current Town: Oakland

I don’t really have one I don’t have enough patience to sit thru a whole movie sometimes.


Ashley (A. Michelle), 27 / Taurus

IG: @creme_dela_ash

Hometown: Pittsburg, CA / Current Town: Brentwood, CA

I would have to say my favorite movie is 'Death Becomes Her'. I love the grim humor and the storyline is just really cool to me. I feel like there's a message to it as well. No matter how hard you try to keep up your good looks, who you are on the inside is just as is important if not more because beauty fades eventually.


Porsche Wiggins, 27 / Virgo

IG/Twitter @styledtokill / FB: / Website: 

Hometown & Current Town: Compton,Ca & Vallejo, CA

My favorite movie is Love Jones, because it's about black love and represents relatable situations that happen within relationships. Plus I'm a hopeless romantic. 

Ian Westart, 26 / Pisces

IG: @ianwestart / FB: @ianwestart / twitter: @ianwestart /

Hometown: Bay Area, currently in the Bay Area

My favorite movie always changes as I'm growing and learning new things. But right now I think my favorite movie is Edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise. I love it because it's everything I want in a movie: action, adventure, technology, with a splash of sci-fi. Anyone can enjoy it. It brings death to the forefront of the movie and I find that relaxing.


Jeffrey Garland, 25 / Taurus

IG: @jephdraws

Hometown: Oakland / Current: San Leandro

My favorite movie is Jurassic park because I can watch people get eaten by dinosaurs for the rest of my life.

 Chris "Heezy" Hurtt (8BitHipHop), 24 / Capricorn

IG: @8bithiphop / Website:

Hometown: Queens, NY / Current Town: Oakland, CA

My favorite movie is The Matrix…that movie taught me to look beyond the surface. There's usually more than meets the eye.

Memo Vargas, 22 / Leo

IG @vy.mxmito_

Born in Lima, Peru  / Raised in Newark, Ca

My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, I have always appreciated the art and dialogue that goes behind a Tarantino movie.

Kendal Renee, 21 / Aquarius

IG: @kendal.renee

Hometown: Pleasant Hill / Current Town: Pleasant Hill 

My favorite movie is probably Goodwill Hunting because I love Robin Williams and Matt Damon and the storyline is dope. A must see classic. 

Ariana Ferguson, 25/ Leo & Stephanie Villegas, 22 / Taurus

IG: @cciiofficial / Website:
Hometown: Woodside / Current Town: San Jose
I have a weird thing for Hannibal lector like I know he sucks but he's so fucking smart and he knows what is going on it just trips me out.