It's fashion show time again and we have puts lots of time and effort into putting on a great production for everyone! This time around, we have 11 clothing designers and a special body art opening for the show. We met up in March after the last runway show and brainstormed some new ideas for the theme of the show and we came up with a tribute to cinema. Each designer was able to choose their own movie to tribute and the choices came back all over the map, so the audience will be in store for a very diverse set of movie tributes including Clueless, Honey, Malcom X, Do The Right Thing, 50 Shades of Gray, The Great Gatsby, House Party, Miami Vice, Coming to America, Dead Presidents, 101 Dalmatians & Space Jam! The show itself will take place on Saturday, June 17th at Complex Oakland. Tickers are available by clicking here.

Meet the designers!



Movie Theme: Space Jam

My brand "SniqkerHead" was inspired from getting to know myself and staying true who I am as an individual. It’s a struggle to except your flaws and in today’s society, often times we are all trying to be someone else rather than ourselves to fit in. SniqkerHead is as bold as your favorite Sniqkers and fits as comfortable too. Each piece is cut and sown with different fabrics that are bold color. Sniqkerhead inspires you to be you, be BOLD and to be YOURSELF!

Goals: My goal for "SniqkerHead" as a brand is to expand and build a strong foundation formed around uniqueness, dope, and talented individuals. "SniqkerHead" was inspired by "Def Jam Records" with soo many dope individuals as Rick Ross, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z, just to name a few.

Desired Super Power: If I was given any power in the world, it would have to be to move as fast as the speed of lightening! Being able to be in one place and then to another in the matter of seconds. Then I would be able to travel the world!


Taurus born a Friday 10pm during a half moon 🌙

Movie Theme: Do the Right Thing & Malcolm X = Do the Righteous Thing 

Musahill is a clothing /lifestyle brand that curates consciousness and style. A developing brand with a message blended into the design aesthetic with a future in street luxury wear cut and sew. The brand is designed by Oakland designer Jibrial muhammad who has a vision to see his clothing brand across the world that serves as a link for those who are likeminded bringing them together through conscious dope fashion, creating dialogue and understanding with messages like "as salaam Alaikum or his black dreams matter Campaign." But now he has stepped into the cut and sew sector with his legacy bombers which will be featured in his new show. 

Goals: The goals for our brand is to go international and became the leading brand for stylish righteous or consciousness individuals who wish to represent a change in the powerful change in the world. 

Desired Super Power: Just give me super man abilities or make me a super genius. I'd be able to champion for black people build my own wakanda empire or something. 




Movie Theme: The Great Gatsby

The Janeé Ramini brand caters to the everyday woman who wants to feel upscale and beautiful. A Janeé Ramini garment enhances your own natural features and accentuates your own god given curves. When you wear a Janee Ramini piece you WILL feel like the most alluring woman in the room. 

Goals: My vision is that every woman WORLD WIDE will wear Janee Ramini. 

Desired Super Power: If I could have any super power in the world it would be to eradicate racism! 



Movie Theme: Clueless

Styled to Kill is a fashion and style online retailer. Celebrating the ability to slay rather it's in fashion or life in general.

Goals: My goal is to eventually have a space where people can come and get a complete make over from head to toe.

Desired Super Power: Teleportation! I hate the process of driving or traveling somewhere I just want to snap my fingers and there lol.




Movie Theme: 101 Dalmatians

Lecesear: My brand is more of a custom brand, I make everything from scratch. Sometimes I may make a prototype and see what the people think of it, then if its on high demand  I make a selected few. 

Goal: My goal is to make more custom clothes for big time celebrities and also start a actual clothing line.

Desired Super Power: to be able to see the future.

Waikiikii: Waikiikii is a very fun, colorful, vibrant , and printaful clothing line that is handmade exclusively by me. My brand is a reflection of my loud personality! I cater to the body and the soul because if you look good , you'll feel even better

Goal: Waikiikii's goal is to take her brand global! Not only do I want to make it major outside of the country, I want to see my brand on red carpets, award shows, magazines, billboards, videos, movies, plays, fashion week, and so much more! 

Desired Super Power: the gift to heal others. 



Movie Theme: Dead Presidents

Slim B Designs focuses on adding subtle yet impactful details, to bring a fresh take on current trending techniques to merchandise. Whether it be by original graphic designs or elevating pieces from other popular brands. Striving to create visually pleasing aesthetics. 

Goals: My main goal is to bring inspiration and confidence through my styling techniques, so people can see how to wear things outside of their own way of thinking. Give them more options than the obvious, so to speak. Make the clothing your own by adding or even subtracting from it. 



Movie Theme: 50 Shades of Gray.

My lingerie line is called Vengeance which means "revenge" because success is the best revenge . What inspired me to finally create this line was the fact that no too many people believe in my visions or my dreams. Finally one day I just took a leap and did what I wanted to do. This line is a sexy elegant andadorable lingerie for all women's of all sizes ! Every women should feel great about how they look and if anyone had a problem you better slap that lingerie on and show them how to work it. 

My goal for this brand is to create a line that all women of all shapes and sizes can wear and feel amazing in ! In the lingerie industry an image of you having to be small to be sexy is highly played and I want to be the one to break that! In addition to that I want to create an atmosphere where my brand support women on their goals and dreams no matter what they are!

Desired Super Power: Teleportation, I want to live in the past and see the future! I want to see it all!




Movie Theme: Honey

Audacia is a brand I created to express my vision of an inclusive, diverse and confident presence, unintimidated to challenge social standards. 

This collection in particular is inspired by the music that I zone out to when I create and hip hop fashion queens of the 90's. With oversized silhouettes and gender neutral sizing, my collection aims to challenge the standards of womenswear while designing hot styles with bold textiles. 

Goals: I am working towards establishing my e-commerce boutique, giving women of all shapes, shades and cultures, a brand to identify with and goals to expand as an inclusive gender neutral brand for all. 

Desired Super Power: Freeze time; so ill never be late to anything again



Movie Theme: Eyes Wide Shut

My brand King Beitia is the story of a black man trying to make more of himself and his culture through artistic expression. Inspired by the greats Keith Harring, Jean Michel Basquiat and Grace Jones I always knew I wanted to take risks in art. Honestly, starting out I wasn't motivated to go to college. I went to make my mom happy but I wanted to do what i loved. I went in front of a HBCU art committee with my artwork on the back of cardboard that i had sketched on the airplane ride. Being accepted into the art department at a 4 year university as a black boy from Oakland, this was the beginning of building towards my dreams. After graduating from Johnson C. Smith University with my Bachelor's degree, my work was featured in art galleries and art shows on the East Coast but i ultimately wanted to return back home to the Bay Area, where it all started. Now that I am back I am on a mission to see my work take off not only nationally but world wide.

Goals:  For my brand is to expand my artistic abilities and to body paint in different arenas around the world. 

Desired Super Power: Telekinesis/ Mind Control 

E L I R E D, Oakland / @eliredshirt


Movie Theme: Miami Vice

My brand is hand painted fashion full of vibrant colors and fashion statements that will demand attention anywhere you go.

Goal: To be a global start-up luxury fashion brand.

Desired Super Power: Fly to Miami for free every time! 


Khadija Al-Ghani, Oakland Ca / @kalghani


Movie theme: Coming to America

KalGhani is a very unique, bold , fearless swimwear line! It was founded in 2012 by Khadija Al-Ghani.. this line is meant to bring the sexy and boldness out of each women . It's sums up the definition of dare to be different. 

KalGhani's goal:  To be well known In the swimwear industry! 

Desired Superpower: Time travel