Atlanta, here we come! We have connected with over 150 artists and creatives in the ATL to be involved with our first ever out of state event. When thinking of places to take Trapxart, ATL was the first on our list. ATL is a Mecca for creatives; being known as an especially thriving area for Black artists and entrepreneurs. The spirit of being your own boss runs through the veins of ATL, so it only makes sense for us to bring our culture to the rich culture of Atlanta. DJ Mujie will be providing the sounds for the event and we are also bringing a handful of Bay Area artists with us to fuse in!  Issa Vibe! 

Tickets can be purchased at:


Meet the artists & hosts! 


Tiffany Burgess, 28 (Capricorn)

IG/YouTube: @tiffbedancin

Hometown: Baltimore, MD / Current Town: ATL shawty (Atlanta,GA)

"I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, youth dance instructor & sfx makeup artist with a wild passion for creativity! It's Lit!"


Darlene Deloris, 30 (Aquarius)

IG @love.lenalove FB @2love.lenalove / IG @cupcakesncanvases/ FB cupcakesncanvases

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, Georgia (born & raised)


Darian Mathews aka Azure D Phoenix, 25 (Pisces)

IG @dm_ap / FB: Azure D Phoenix
Born and raised in the A!!
"I'm a wacky energetic irrational random dude that loves drawing cartoons and anime."


Nathaniel Ndukuba, 34 (Libra)


IG: @kingtat219 / Facebook: 
Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, GA
"I'm the owner of Studio 219 Ink in Atlanta, GA."


Kai Oladapo, 23 (Sagittarius)

IG @Queenkaio
Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta
"I don't like future, lil yachty, migos, young thug, desiiner, lil Uzi, 21 savage, or any of these new age "musicians". They know what they're doing and I ain't rocking."

Calvin Holiday, 31 (Aries)

Snap: LiveLifeFreeCo / IG @LiveLifeFreeCollection / Facebook: LiveLifeFreeCollection
Hometown: Augusta, GA / Current Town: Atlanta, GA
"One thing I'll like ppl to know about me is that I'm nothing without my team and fans.
✌🏽 and love."


Troy Davis / Lil Art Show, 25 (Virgo)

Facebook @ThePenthouse321 / twitter: @_ThePenthouse / IG: @ThePenthouse__

Tumblr: / Soundcloud: The Penthouse 321

Town: BIrmingham, AL

I also produce music for various artist and have a Mechanical engineering degree fromm Tuskegee university.


Keshia, 30 (Libra)

IG @cockEEclothing & @cockee_k @Twitter: cockeeclothing / Facebook: cockeeclothing

Hometown: Clinton, Maryland
"I love God,The Beach,Shoes 👠 and Clicquot 🍾"

Kee'Lia Smith, 23

IG @_trapicana | @keelia_edvoyleshyundai

From Denver, Colorado | Currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia

"I am a go getter...I see something I like..I want I go get it! Simple as that. Young Dolph said it best though, "First I pray for it then I hustle for it."


Cloud Holmes, 21 (Gemini) 

IG @Lameassperson / Twitter @Coolassperson Youtube: Yun Cloud / Snapchat hipstershxt website:

"i dont let others negativity fuck up my good time."


Jasmine Brooks, 26 (Aquarius)

IG: @boujeeblkdoll (personal) & @boujeebittieboutique (business)
Hometown & Current Town: Columbus Ga
"I am a creative, Boujee Bittie that loves everything fashion and I believe that I am Art, and I choose how I want to be displayed or hidden it's my CHOICE!"


Naj Murph, 27 (Capricorn)

Hometown & Current Town: Newburgh, NY --> Atlanta, GA
"I'm good at everything."

Demo, 22 (Cancer)

IG/twitter: @artbydemo / SC: blahhdemi
Hometown: Lagos Nigeria / Current Town: Columbia, SC
"I think people of color are golden"


Ra EL, 34 (Leo) and Ja EL Bey, 29 (Scorpio)

@muurswagg / @iamjaelroumain / @bscottleo /
Hometown: Miami / Currently located in Atlanta
"Muurswagg is a lifestyle brand that promotes black entrepreneurship. We love fashion and everything melanin."

Brian Phillips, 34 (Cancer)

IG @youngmogulmedia #My3DWorldATL / FB youngmogulmedia

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta 

Local street artist @joekingatl painted a 20ft x 30ft mural of me here in Atlanta, which I named #ImmortalizedInTheATL (photo above)



IG @lacy.j / Twitter @atLJlanta / Facebook: Lacy J

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm a jack of many trades, I just graduated from Georgia State University for studio art and design, and I want to dabble in all things creative from the arts to fashion, and eventually music."


Mercedes, 29 (Capricorn) / Facebook:

IG @HeartMercedes

Hometown: Miami, FL / Current: Atlanta, Ga

"I rode a bicycle from Amsterdam to Brussels, Belgium."


Ruby Chavez, Aries


Hometown: Texas Current Town: Atlanta 

"I like to be underestimated."


Esko Bolden, 32 (Sagittarius)

Born in Jacksonville Fla. Raised in Atlanta Ga. 

Instagram @markd.bysko

"I love to create an meet new people..."


SaintLee, 22 (Cancer)

All Social Media @1SaintLee  / Soundcloud: SaintLee
Hometown: Miami currently living in Georgia
I'm Haitian and love my culture, Creole is my 2nd language. 


Desmond Rupert, 23 (Sagittarius) 

IG @dezzikamali
Hometown: Decatur, GA / Current Town: Stockbridge, GA
"Versatility is a virtue for my life."

 joe dent, 34 (pisces)

IG/Twitter @3seaven / Http:// 

Hometown: Columbus, MS / Current town: Atlanta, GA

"I'm just a guy from a small town in Mississippi with a vision. I am a creative artist/producer and also I serve the role as art director over ThaCool Club  (the independent record label founded by Atlanta MC, ScottyATL) I get inspired/motivated by soul music and wife & kids. For the most part I'm like water. I adapt to whatever glass I'm poured into."


Apollo Abrams, 25 (Virgo)

IG/Twitter : @CallMeTheArtBum / Facebook page: ArtBum

Ht: Columbus, Ga / Current town: Atlanta

"I'm just a hard working girl from trying to tell my story through the canvas."


Monarch Jones, 24 (Pisces)

I literally travel out of state monthly for art business and tattooing. I'm originally from Boston, MA. I currently live in Augusta, GA. I'm a Pisces that comes from two Piscean parents so I'm 100% but not the average Pisces. My IG name is @MonarchJones and you can find my Facebook with the name Devon Jones. My website is under construction but it's If I want people to know one thing about me, it'll be that I love my 1 year old son, Imran-Devon.  


Swayze, 27 (Taurus)

SoIG @Oneswayze / Twitter: @Oneswayze, Facebook: Yung Swayze / Snapchat: Swayze 

Website :

Hometown - Lithonia, GA / Current: Conyers, GA

"Im a individual who is trying to make the world better one song at a time"


Shareef Kent, 30 (Cancer)

IG & Twitter @Artofshareef  / SC Dezdigital  / Facebook: ShareefKent

Augusta, GA

"Humble beginnings on a dark path to righteousness"

Cameron Veil, 29 (Libra)

IG @cameronveil / FB cameron veil  /

Hometown & Current Town: Las Vegas 

"I started making art because I know it would help hear my soul. I wasn't very good when I started. I initially gave up art in the 3rd grade after my teacher said I couldn't draw. Now I'm one of the goats."


Pebbles, 27 (Pisces)


IG @pebblesgotthatwork 

Hometown and current town: Atlanta, Ga 

"One thing that I would like ppl to know about me: When i was a little girl I used to write my name on the leaves of bushes, in hopes that my name would be there forever. Unfortunately as I grew older I realized leaves die just like people.  Now I paint my name/art on canvases so that I can live on forever."


Kayla Carr, 21 (Virgo)

IG personal @kay_carr / art page @walking_contradixion / snapchat: kay_carr29

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio / Current town: Atlanta, GA 

"I am a graphic designer but traditional art is where my soul lies. My work is often inspired by my spirituality, and gives me an outlet to explore the contradictions in my beliefs vs. my reality."


Tamika "Miki" Love, 25 (Virgo)

IG @Mikimomeek / Twitter: @mikimomeek  / SC: mikimomeek / YouTube: mikimomeek

Facebook: Miki's zombies 

Hometown/Current: Atlanta, Ga

"I'm an awkward mommy artist 🤷🏽‍♀️"


Kelz, 28 (Sagittarius) 

IG @flyordiekelz & @diamonddistrictshop / twitter @flyordiekelz / fb diamond district street wear

Hometown: Detroit / Current Town: Atlanta

"I go hard for anything I put my name on."


Le'Adonis Ferguson / Only L Boutique, 27 (Leo) / IG: @OnlyLBoutique

Miami, FL

"One thing people should know is that you will never ever catch me in public without wearing at least one thing I created."


 Ebony Black (Vinyl Expressionz), 25 (Leo)

IG: @vinylexpressionz & @ebonyb1ack

FB: Vinyl Expressionz / Website:

Hometown & Current Town: My hometown is St.Louis and I am currently adulting in Atlanta, GA

"I would like people to know that my personality and energy is just as vibrant and unique as my art!"


Keturha "K.Sin" Singleton, 27 (Libra)

@SplendidChaosArt & @Splendid_Chaos
FB: SplendidChaos

Hometown/ Current Town: St. Augustine Fl

"Art has allowed me to heal... May what I create provide the same for all that encounter it; healing."


Jasmine / LaheimLIfeJazz , 26 (Leo)

IG @laheimclothing /

Hometown: Brooklyn  / Currently reside in: Atlanta 

"La’ Heim is a cutting-edge upscale urban clothing line that provides young men & women with a fresh new style of slim fit apparel exemplifying modern day urban clothing with an opulent look to fit the theme “A Toast to Life”. La' Heim provides customers with an experience like no other by promoting our brand with a lifestyle and keeping our relationships as personal as possible. Love the life you live, Live the life you love & always Toast to Life, love & Prosperity!"


Yvonne Ferguson, 30 (Leo)

IG: yvonne.ferg / Twitter: yvonne_ferg / FB: Diasporic Pigments

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, FL / Current Town: Gainesville, FL

"If had to choose one thing above anything else it would be that I love my people. I love black people. I love my brothers and sisters. I love how our existence exudes culture. I love being black and everything it entails. I hope that my art translate my love for my people."


Bambino, 26 (Sagittarius)

Hometown: Atlanta  / Current City: Mostly Atlanta or whatever city I can find art in

IG:@dreamzoriginal | Twitter: @hausofdreamz | FB: Haus of Dreamz | Website:

"Dreamz simply represents a state of mind for creatives who passionately make art in various forms. As a safe haven for people who are mentally outside of society’s standards, each day Dreamz challenges people to want more. With that being said, Dare to dream and remember to keep your head above the clouds."


DebraGaye Body, 26 (Aquarius)

IG: @deb.gaye / Twitter: @debragaye / FB: Debgaye / SC: dkaquez

I was born in Atlanta Ga where I still live (Atlien for life lol) 

"I would like people to know that above all things I crave freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to love and be loved, and freedom to use this gift that God blessed me with to make a life for my family. "


Kyndale, 25 (Libra)

Website: / Instagram: @kyndale #pakwork / Twitter: @kyndale

Hometown: Mobile, AL / Current Hometown: Atlanta, GA

"I am also a singer/songwriter, with 2 major placements in the music industry. (I'm The Man- 50 Cent ft. Sonny Digital [remix ft. Chris Brown], Don't Say Goodbye (Kem Presents L'Renee)- KEM)"


Jameka, 26 (Sagittarius) 

IG & Snapchat @i_perfect10

Hometown: Macon, GA / Current Town: Atlanta, GA

"I AM loving the woman I AM becoming...being present and focusing on myself, my happiness and peace has liberated my soul."


infamous kiddo, 24 (Scorpio)

@infamous_kiddo for all social media

Hometown: vineland nj / current city: clt nc

"One thing ppl need to know about me is there is nothing that you cant do the only limits is the one you set for yourself... BE THE WAVE"


Cymphoni Laster, 25 (Scorpio)

IG/Twitter: @_cslstudio  / Website:

Hometown: Flint, MI / Current Town: Atlanta, GA

"I enjoy creating art, wearable and conceptual, and creating experiences and opportunities for other artists to share their work with the community and other creative individuals."


Kermin Middleton, 44 (Capricorn)

IG @kerminmiddletonstudios 

 Hometown: Charleston SC /Currrent: Atlanta GA

"I am a proud native of the Gullah/Geechie community and culture of coastal South Carolina."


Nate Kingston Adams, Pisces with Cancer Moon

IG @CareOfGram / Facebook: ShopCareOf /

Hometown: UK Born, TX Bred  / & Current Town: ATL Residing

"I'm a Cultural Architect ..."


Mike Aka Jiggy Korean, 27 (Leo)

Instagram: @JiggyKorean /Twitter: @Rvre_Creator
Hometown: Washington DC
"I just wanna mix the art world and fashion world together like never before."


Taliah "Rizza" Moton, 21 (Virgo)

Twitter: @wickedreeza /  IG @wickedrizza
Hometown: West Philly / Current Town: Fayetteville, GA
"I'm very open minded and my creativity goes past painting."

 Riesie J, 31 (Scorpio)

IG @Riesie_J_Faces
Hometown & Current Town: Decatur, GA
"I'm a makeup artist and esthetician who wakes up every day with a grateful heart to help the next person feel more confident with their outer appearance."