New York, Trapxart is less than 1 week away. We are so ready to see what the epicenter of East Coast has in store for us! For some of our team members, this is their first time in NYC and we cant wait to emerge ourselves in the art, the culture, the food, the everything and also share our Bay Area vibes and culture with NYC ...Trapxart itself morphs to whichever city we are in, taking on the essence and personality of that city...Oakland is different than San Francisco, LA and Atlanta have their own flavor. There are well over 100 artists who will add some one of a kind eye candy to the already beautiful Amadeus Nightclub in Queens, NY & Trapxart's own DJ Moscone will have the flavor for your ears all night long. See you next Friday New York!



Yaminah Legohn

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Los Angeles / Current Town: New York

One interesting fact about yourself:  I own my own business 

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal
It's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual"

Nadege D.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Queens Village, NY

One interesting fact about yourself:  Only been a painter for a year and a half

Your favorite Biggie lyric: Fuck the luck shit, strictly aim, No aspirations to quit the game




Co-founders Nana Agyemang and PingHwa Okorie

Zodiac Signs: Nana- Libra & Ping- Capricorn
Hometowns: Nana- Accra, Ghana & Ping- Lagos, Nigeria

One interesting fact about yourself:  After graduating from George Washington University, Nana & Ping started EveryStylishGirl. The multi-media platform is celebrating its one year anniversary. 

Your favorite Biggie lyric: Birthdays was the worst days, Now we sip champagne when we thirsty" 

D. Myntia Daniels

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH  / Current Town: Bronx, NY

One interesting fact about yourself:  I was a competitive gymnast and I currently coach gymnastics. 

Your favorite Biggie lyric:  Relax and take notes, while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke. Throw you in a choke, gun smoke, gun smoke / Biggie Smalls for mayor, the rap slayer /The hooker layer, motherfucker say your prayers. 


Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hometown: Queens, NY / Current Town: Columbus, Ohio

One interesting fact about yourself:  I make a mean guacamole.

Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "And those that rushes my clutches get put on crutches/Get smoked like dutches from the master/Hate to blast you but I have to, you see I smoke a lot/Your life is played out like Kwame and them fucking polka dots, who rock the spot, Biggie/You know how the weed go, unbelievable"

Jay Cuevas (JA¥DOPE)

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hometown: Dominican Republic / Current Town: Miami

One interesting fact about yourself:  I am also a motivational speaker.

Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "It was all a dream."

Poor Riche$ Clothing/ Maya Simone

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown: St. Louis / Current Town: Philly

One interesting fact about yourself:  I'm Jane of all trades.

Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "and everything you get, ya gotta work hard for it"


Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Uptown, DC / Current Town: The Bronx, NYC

One interesting fact about yourself: I'm An All Around Artist, I draw, design, sing, rap & write.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "A True G That's Me Blowing Like A Bubble In The EveryDay Struggle"


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Hometown / Current Town: Currently residing in NJ but my life is in NYC.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Young , black , ugly as ever, HOWEVER"

One interesting fact about yourself: I paint using astronauts & metaphors to represent people whose been in real life situations. I use astronauts to make it more relatable.

Mileyka (CerealMilky) Serracin

Zodiac Sign: Scorpion
Hometown: Panama City, Panama / Current Town: Brooklyn, New York

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Picture me bein' scared of a nigga that breathe the same air as me."

Tiara Torres

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Hometown / Current Town: The Bronx, NYC

One interesting fact about yourself: I'm currently pursuing my masters in Art history and wanted to combine this by hand-painting apparel. 

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Excellence is my presence, never tense, never hesitant."

Noble Dre Ali

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown / Current Town: The Bronx, NYC

One interesting fact about yourself: I Visualize to manifest my reality.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Who shot ya?" Separate the weak from the obsolete / Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets / It's on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek / Your heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet /Thundering, shaking the concrete

Sabrina Vianka Palacio

Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hometown / Current Town: East Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

One interesting fact about yourself: I didnt know i was able to draw til i was 17 years old.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me id never amount to nothing"


Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hometown / Current Town: Mt.Vernon, NY

One interesting fact about yourself: I search for reptiles or amphibians in the wild.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: ''Now he feel undefeated, he mean it nothing to lose, tattooed around his gun wounds everything to gain, embedded in his brain"


Charne Rollins

Zodiac Sign: Team Cancer
Hometown / Current Town: Baldwin, NYC
One interesting fact about yourself: I own a business where I make sexy all natural soy candles called Bed of Roses Naturals.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "And my whole crew loungin"

Tiffany Alfonseca

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hometown / Current Town: BX, NYC
One interesting fact about yourself: I am a self taught artist
Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Niggas bleed just like us, picture me being scared of a nigga that breathe the same air as me."

Buddha Bvnks

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Brooklyn / Current Town: Upper West Side
One interesting fact about yourself: I used know sign language and I used to speak traditional Chinese. Shout out to the elderly Chinese women at my mothers old job and the hood Chinese spots lol

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "We just sittin here tryna win, try not to sin. High off weed and lots of gin. So much smoke, need oxygen. Steadily counting them Benjamins. Nigga, You should too. If you knew what this game'll do to you. Been in this shit since '92. Look at all the bullshit I been through"

Justin Moultrie

Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hometown: Charleston, SC  / Current Town: Brooklyn, NY
One interesting fact about yourself: I love connecting with people through my creations.

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart's in it and live the phrase, sky's the limit"


Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Hometown / Current Town: Queens, NY
One interesting fact about yourself: I lived in Southern Cali during formative years
Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Our situation is a tight one...what you gonna do? Fight, or run?"

Ana R Jimenez A.K.A Sunflower Womyn

Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hometown / Current Town: Brentwood
One interesting fact about yourself: I'm a vegetarian
Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Stay far from timid, Only make moves when your heart's in it and live the phrase, Sky's the limit."


Zodiac Sign: Aries
Hometown / Current Town: Durham, NC
One interesting fact about yourself: I graduated from Johnson and Wales with a culinary degree. A year later at age 23 I became an executive chef. Departing with my job 4 years later, I chose pursue my passion to create art with food, poetry and film. 
Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "Why ya'll so dumb now? Hunt me or be hunted, I've got 357 ways, to simmer/ sauté, I'm the winner all day"


Zodiac Sign: Leo
Hometown / Current Town: Boogie Down Bronx
One interesting fact about yourself: My creativity is triggered from my daydreams.
Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "birthdays was the worse days now we sip champagne when we thirsty" 

Johanne Immis

Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hometown / Current Town: Brooklyn
One interesting fact about yourself: I'm not from this world ♡
Your favorite Biggie lyric:  Only make moves when your heart's in's the limit"

Kyle Miller

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Hometown / Current Town: White Plains
One interesting fact about yourself: Audio Engineer before becoming a designer and still engineering.
Your favorite Biggie lyric:  "OMG Im dropping shit like a pigeon, Hope you listening, Smackin babies at they christening"



Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hometown / Current Town: Brooklyn

One interesting fact about yourself: I'm a Philanthropist 

Your favorite Biggie lyric: "Guess you can say you's the one I trusted who would ever think you would spread like mustard."


We're back from ATL and inspired as ever! We had a blast with our first ever out of state event (the random ever so intense thunderstorms may take some getting used to tho lol).  Its always a pleasure; however, to come back to our epicenter, 111 Minna Gallery. This Friday we are going to tribute Jay Z; his album 4:44 has been all over all of our social media, quotes and memes everywhere! For years upon years, Jay Z has been a major influence on hip hop culture and we have watched him, critiqued him, praised him, regardless of what you think of Jay Z, the fact of the matter is that, he is an icon. This time around, we asked our artists featured in the blog to share their favorite quote..words that they live by! 

artwork below by @ianwestart


AJ (Age) B. , 22 (Capricorn)

Hometown: San Francisco / Current Town: Oakland, CA / Favorite Quote: "Remind yourself, nobody is built like you, you designed yourself" (Jay-Z)



Hometown: Oakland / Current Town: San Leandro / Favorite Quote: "Pain is just weakness leaving the body"


Hometown: Bay Point / Current town: Richmond / Favorite Quote: "A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind"


Hometown: Oakland, CA I Current Town: Pleasant Hill, CA / Favorite Quote: "Hurt an artist, and you'll see masterpieces of what you've done"

YUNG EMMY, 21 (Scorpio)

Hometown: San Bruno, Ca / Current town: Daly City / Favorite Quote: "Don't be a hard rock when you really are a Gem"- Lauryn Hill

Dexter Solis, 22 (Leo)

Hometown: Hayward,  CA / Current Town: Hayward, CA / Favorite Quote: "May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. Fred Jung: And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars".

Samrawit Ephraim (Brand: Wolf vs. Lion) / 28 (Cancer)

Hometown: Berkeley, Ca / Current town: Berkeley, Ca / Favorite Quote: "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker

Anthony Hayes / 27 (Aries)

Hometown: San Jose, CA  / Current town: San Jose, CA / Favorite Quote: "more important than the destination is the route I'm taking"


Atlanta, here we come! We have connected with over 150 artists and creatives in the ATL to be involved with our first ever out of state event. When thinking of places to take Trapxart, ATL was the first on our list. ATL is a Mecca for creatives; being known as an especially thriving area for Black artists and entrepreneurs. The spirit of being your own boss runs through the veins of ATL, so it only makes sense for us to bring our culture to the rich culture of Atlanta. DJ Mujie will be providing the sounds for the event and we are also bringing a handful of Bay Area artists with us to fuse in!  Issa Vibe! 

Tickets can be purchased at:


Meet the artists & hosts! 


Tiffany Burgess, 28 (Capricorn)

IG/YouTube: @tiffbedancin

Hometown: Baltimore, MD / Current Town: ATL shawty (Atlanta,GA)

"I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, youth dance instructor & sfx makeup artist with a wild passion for creativity! It's Lit!"


Darlene Deloris, 30 (Aquarius)

IG @love.lenalove FB @2love.lenalove / IG @cupcakesncanvases/ FB cupcakesncanvases

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, Georgia (born & raised)


Darian Mathews aka Azure D Phoenix, 25 (Pisces)

IG @dm_ap / FB: Azure D Phoenix
Born and raised in the A!!
"I'm a wacky energetic irrational random dude that loves drawing cartoons and anime."


Nathaniel Ndukuba, 34 (Libra)


IG: @kingtat219 / Facebook: 
Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, GA
"I'm the owner of Studio 219 Ink in Atlanta, GA."


Kai Oladapo, 23 (Sagittarius)

IG @Queenkaio
Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta
"I don't like future, lil yachty, migos, young thug, desiiner, lil Uzi, 21 savage, or any of these new age "musicians". They know what they're doing and I ain't rocking."

Calvin Holiday, 31 (Aries)

Snap: LiveLifeFreeCo / IG @LiveLifeFreeCollection / Facebook: LiveLifeFreeCollection
Hometown: Augusta, GA / Current Town: Atlanta, GA
"One thing I'll like ppl to know about me is that I'm nothing without my team and fans.
✌🏽 and love."


Troy Davis / Lil Art Show, 25 (Virgo)

Facebook @ThePenthouse321 / twitter: @_ThePenthouse / IG: @ThePenthouse__

Tumblr: / Soundcloud: The Penthouse 321

Town: BIrmingham, AL

I also produce music for various artist and have a Mechanical engineering degree fromm Tuskegee university.


Keshia, 30 (Libra)

IG @cockEEclothing & @cockee_k @Twitter: cockeeclothing / Facebook: cockeeclothing

Hometown: Clinton, Maryland
"I love God,The Beach,Shoes 👠 and Clicquot 🍾"

Kee'Lia Smith, 23

IG @_trapicana | @keelia_edvoyleshyundai

From Denver, Colorado | Currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia

"I am a go getter...I see something I like..I want I go get it! Simple as that. Young Dolph said it best though, "First I pray for it then I hustle for it."


Cloud Holmes, 21 (Gemini) 

IG @Lameassperson / Twitter @Coolassperson Youtube: Yun Cloud / Snapchat hipstershxt website:

"i dont let others negativity fuck up my good time."


Jasmine Brooks, 26 (Aquarius)

IG: @boujeeblkdoll (personal) & @boujeebittieboutique (business)
Hometown & Current Town: Columbus Ga
"I am a creative, Boujee Bittie that loves everything fashion and I believe that I am Art, and I choose how I want to be displayed or hidden it's my CHOICE!"


Naj Murph, 27 (Capricorn)

Hometown & Current Town: Newburgh, NY --> Atlanta, GA
"I'm good at everything."

Demo, 22 (Cancer)

IG/twitter: @artbydemo / SC: blahhdemi
Hometown: Lagos Nigeria / Current Town: Columbia, SC
"I think people of color are golden"


Ra EL, 34 (Leo) and Ja EL Bey, 29 (Scorpio)

@muurswagg / @iamjaelroumain / @bscottleo /
Hometown: Miami / Currently located in Atlanta
"Muurswagg is a lifestyle brand that promotes black entrepreneurship. We love fashion and everything melanin."

Brian Phillips, 34 (Cancer)

IG @youngmogulmedia #My3DWorldATL / FB youngmogulmedia

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta 

Local street artist @joekingatl painted a 20ft x 30ft mural of me here in Atlanta, which I named #ImmortalizedInTheATL (photo above)



IG @lacy.j / Twitter @atLJlanta / Facebook: Lacy J

Hometown & Current Town: Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm a jack of many trades, I just graduated from Georgia State University for studio art and design, and I want to dabble in all things creative from the arts to fashion, and eventually music."


Mercedes, 29 (Capricorn) / Facebook:

IG @HeartMercedes

Hometown: Miami, FL / Current: Atlanta, Ga

"I rode a bicycle from Amsterdam to Brussels, Belgium."


Ruby Chavez, Aries


Hometown: Texas Current Town: Atlanta 

"I like to be underestimated."


Esko Bolden, 32 (Sagittarius)

Born in Jacksonville Fla. Raised in Atlanta Ga. 

Instagram @markd.bysko

"I love to create an meet new people..."


SaintLee, 22 (Cancer)

All Social Media @1SaintLee  / Soundcloud: SaintLee
Hometown: Miami currently living in Georgia
I'm Haitian and love my culture, Creole is my 2nd language. 


Desmond Rupert, 23 (Sagittarius) 

IG @dezzikamali
Hometown: Decatur, GA / Current Town: Stockbridge, GA
"Versatility is a virtue for my life."

 joe dent, 34 (pisces)

IG/Twitter @3seaven / Http:// 

Hometown: Columbus, MS / Current town: Atlanta, GA

"I'm just a guy from a small town in Mississippi with a vision. I am a creative artist/producer and also I serve the role as art director over ThaCool Club  (the independent record label founded by Atlanta MC, ScottyATL) I get inspired/motivated by soul music and wife & kids. For the most part I'm like water. I adapt to whatever glass I'm poured into."


Apollo Abrams, 25 (Virgo)

IG/Twitter : @CallMeTheArtBum / Facebook page: ArtBum

Ht: Columbus, Ga / Current town: Atlanta

"I'm just a hard working girl from trying to tell my story through the canvas."


Monarch Jones, 24 (Pisces)

I literally travel out of state monthly for art business and tattooing. I'm originally from Boston, MA. I currently live in Augusta, GA. I'm a Pisces that comes from two Piscean parents so I'm 100% but not the average Pisces. My IG name is @MonarchJones and you can find my Facebook with the name Devon Jones. My website is under construction but it's If I want people to know one thing about me, it'll be that I love my 1 year old son, Imran-Devon.  


Swayze, 27 (Taurus)

SoIG @Oneswayze / Twitter: @Oneswayze, Facebook: Yung Swayze / Snapchat: Swayze 

Website :

Hometown - Lithonia, GA / Current: Conyers, GA

"Im a individual who is trying to make the world better one song at a time"


Shareef Kent, 30 (Cancer)

IG & Twitter @Artofshareef  / SC Dezdigital  / Facebook: ShareefKent

Augusta, GA

"Humble beginnings on a dark path to righteousness"

Cameron Veil, 29 (Libra)

IG @cameronveil / FB cameron veil  /

Hometown & Current Town: Las Vegas 

"I started making art because I know it would help hear my soul. I wasn't very good when I started. I initially gave up art in the 3rd grade after my teacher said I couldn't draw. Now I'm one of the goats."


Pebbles, 27 (Pisces)


IG @pebblesgotthatwork 

Hometown and current town: Atlanta, Ga 

"One thing that I would like ppl to know about me: When i was a little girl I used to write my name on the leaves of bushes, in hopes that my name would be there forever. Unfortunately as I grew older I realized leaves die just like people.  Now I paint my name/art on canvases so that I can live on forever."


Kayla Carr, 21 (Virgo)

IG personal @kay_carr / art page @walking_contradixion / snapchat: kay_carr29

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio / Current town: Atlanta, GA 

"I am a graphic designer but traditional art is where my soul lies. My work is often inspired by my spirituality, and gives me an outlet to explore the contradictions in my beliefs vs. my reality."


Tamika "Miki" Love, 25 (Virgo)

IG @Mikimomeek / Twitter: @mikimomeek  / SC: mikimomeek / YouTube: mikimomeek

Facebook: Miki's zombies 

Hometown/Current: Atlanta, Ga

"I'm an awkward mommy artist 🤷🏽‍♀️"


Kelz, 28 (Sagittarius) 

IG @flyordiekelz & @diamonddistrictshop / twitter @flyordiekelz / fb diamond district street wear

Hometown: Detroit / Current Town: Atlanta

"I go hard for anything I put my name on."


Le'Adonis Ferguson / Only L Boutique, 27 (Leo) / IG: @OnlyLBoutique

Miami, FL

"One thing people should know is that you will never ever catch me in public without wearing at least one thing I created."


 Ebony Black (Vinyl Expressionz), 25 (Leo)

IG: @vinylexpressionz & @ebonyb1ack

FB: Vinyl Expressionz / Website:

Hometown & Current Town: My hometown is St.Louis and I am currently adulting in Atlanta, GA

"I would like people to know that my personality and energy is just as vibrant and unique as my art!"


Keturha "K.Sin" Singleton, 27 (Libra)

@SplendidChaosArt & @Splendid_Chaos
FB: SplendidChaos

Hometown/ Current Town: St. Augustine Fl

"Art has allowed me to heal... May what I create provide the same for all that encounter it; healing."


Jasmine / LaheimLIfeJazz , 26 (Leo)

IG @laheimclothing /

Hometown: Brooklyn  / Currently reside in: Atlanta 

"La’ Heim is a cutting-edge upscale urban clothing line that provides young men & women with a fresh new style of slim fit apparel exemplifying modern day urban clothing with an opulent look to fit the theme “A Toast to Life”. La' Heim provides customers with an experience like no other by promoting our brand with a lifestyle and keeping our relationships as personal as possible. Love the life you live, Live the life you love & always Toast to Life, love & Prosperity!"


Yvonne Ferguson, 30 (Leo)

IG: yvonne.ferg / Twitter: yvonne_ferg / FB: Diasporic Pigments

Hometown: Ft. Walton Beach, FL / Current Town: Gainesville, FL

"If had to choose one thing above anything else it would be that I love my people. I love black people. I love my brothers and sisters. I love how our existence exudes culture. I love being black and everything it entails. I hope that my art translate my love for my people."


Bambino, 26 (Sagittarius)

Hometown: Atlanta  / Current City: Mostly Atlanta or whatever city I can find art in

IG:@dreamzoriginal | Twitter: @hausofdreamz | FB: Haus of Dreamz | Website:

"Dreamz simply represents a state of mind for creatives who passionately make art in various forms. As a safe haven for people who are mentally outside of society’s standards, each day Dreamz challenges people to want more. With that being said, Dare to dream and remember to keep your head above the clouds."


DebraGaye Body, 26 (Aquarius)

IG: @deb.gaye / Twitter: @debragaye / FB: Debgaye / SC: dkaquez

I was born in Atlanta Ga where I still live (Atlien for life lol) 

"I would like people to know that above all things I crave freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to love and be loved, and freedom to use this gift that God blessed me with to make a life for my family. "


Kyndale, 25 (Libra)

Website: / Instagram: @kyndale #pakwork / Twitter: @kyndale

Hometown: Mobile, AL / Current Hometown: Atlanta, GA

"I am also a singer/songwriter, with 2 major placements in the music industry. (I'm The Man- 50 Cent ft. Sonny Digital [remix ft. Chris Brown], Don't Say Goodbye (Kem Presents L'Renee)- KEM)"


Jameka, 26 (Sagittarius) 

IG & Snapchat @i_perfect10

Hometown: Macon, GA / Current Town: Atlanta, GA

"I AM loving the woman I AM becoming...being present and focusing on myself, my happiness and peace has liberated my soul."


infamous kiddo, 24 (Scorpio)

@infamous_kiddo for all social media

Hometown: vineland nj / current city: clt nc

"One thing ppl need to know about me is there is nothing that you cant do the only limits is the one you set for yourself... BE THE WAVE"


Cymphoni Laster, 25 (Scorpio)

IG/Twitter: @_cslstudio  / Website:

Hometown: Flint, MI / Current Town: Atlanta, GA

"I enjoy creating art, wearable and conceptual, and creating experiences and opportunities for other artists to share their work with the community and other creative individuals."


Kermin Middleton, 44 (Capricorn)

IG @kerminmiddletonstudios 

 Hometown: Charleston SC /Currrent: Atlanta GA

"I am a proud native of the Gullah/Geechie community and culture of coastal South Carolina."


Nate Kingston Adams, Pisces with Cancer Moon

IG @CareOfGram / Facebook: ShopCareOf /

Hometown: UK Born, TX Bred  / & Current Town: ATL Residing

"I'm a Cultural Architect ..."


Mike Aka Jiggy Korean, 27 (Leo)

Instagram: @JiggyKorean /Twitter: @Rvre_Creator
Hometown: Washington DC
"I just wanna mix the art world and fashion world together like never before."


Taliah "Rizza" Moton, 21 (Virgo)

Twitter: @wickedreeza /  IG @wickedrizza
Hometown: West Philly / Current Town: Fayetteville, GA
"I'm very open minded and my creativity goes past painting."

 Riesie J, 31 (Scorpio)

IG @Riesie_J_Faces
Hometown & Current Town: Decatur, GA
"I'm a makeup artist and esthetician who wakes up every day with a grateful heart to help the next person feel more confident with their outer appearance."


The summer runway show was everything, the designers and models really did their thing. If you missed it, photos and videos will be available on our homepage soon; the short films debuted at the show are currently available now, click home to check them out!

This Friday, we are back to our trapxart home base at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. When planning this one and thinking of who to tribute, we realized that we had yet to do a Snoop Dogg tribute. Snoop is most definitely an icon and symbol of talented and very multifaceted artist. We are excited to see all of the art/ merchandise and of course hear all of the music that Criddy and Mujie have lined up for this one. As always, there are some inspiring creatives showcasing, some for their first time, some regulars. In honor of Snoop Dogg's obvious dog alter ego, we asked the artists and vendors, if they could be any animal, which would they be.  

Tickets to the event are available by clicking here

Meet the artists & vendors!

Beverly Abad / @beverly.abad

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hometown:San Francisco, CA / Current Town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Mama Bear 


Black / @artbyblack

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Kitwe, Zambia / Current Town: Oakland, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Tiger 


Lupita Anchondo / @jupitah12rising

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Napa Valley, CA / Current Town: Vallejo, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Wolf + Unicorn= Wolficorn. Rare & majestic, but powerful!


Elli / @free.the.muse

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Hayward, CA / Current Town: Hayward, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Lion


Trippy Sanders / @trippy_sanders

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Union City, CA / Current Town: Oakland, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? I would definitely be some type of bird. I always really like those dreams when you're flying. Its really exciting in those dreams, so I'd have to imagine it'd be the same feeling. And I could continue to AERIAL SHIT on my opponents LMAOOO! J/K ...Kinda.


Daniel Zychlinski / @dzillustrated

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hometown: Tampa, FL / Current Town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? White Tiger


Anthony Mace / @imjustmace

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Bay Area, CA / Current Town: San Mateo, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Cheetah


Aspen Pilling / @mermaidaspen

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hometown: Oakland, CA / Current Town: Oakland, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Mermaid, because I am a fierce, free female!


Mackitty / @themackitty

Zodiac Sign:  Leo

Hometown & Current Town: Outer Space

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Lion, cuz I ain't no Cheetah.


DeziréAlexis / @calivamp

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Daly City, CA / Current town: Vallejo, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Dragon

(2nd photo by: Patricia Rae Photography)

Roman Mitchell / @RM_Early

Hometown: Chicago, IL / Current town: Sacramento, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Myself 

Vivien Jenette Lee / @vivienjenette

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Richmond, CA / Current town: (Still) Richmond, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? A Tuxedo Cat!


Victor Garcia / @_v.legit_

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Richmond, CA / Current town: Davis, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Golden Eagle


Makayla London / @londenosart

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Oakland, CA / Current town: Oakland, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Koala


Courtney.O / @DatOneBrawd

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA & Poughkeepsie, NY / Current town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Snow Leopard


Jordan Jones and Ifunanya Onyima (Art Healthy)


Zodiac Sign(s): Leo and Cancer

Hometown(s): Oakland, CA and Portland, OR / Current Town: Sacramento, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose: Some type of big bird (bald eagle, pterodactyl)


Andrea Rivers / @rootsovdopeness

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Hometown: San Francisco, CA / Current town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Cheshire Cat (even though its a fictional character) just because its mysterious & silly creature like myself & I've always wanted to disappear when the time was needed!


Joel Garcia / @jg.creative

Hometown: San Francisco, CA  / Current town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Primeape


Asha Zinani / @honeychokers

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Ossining, New York / Current town: San Francisco, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? A Lion! They are beautiful animals. They can be calm, but also deadly. 

Arielle Coleman / Bay Area Cultivated Fresheners / @bayareacultivated

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Hayward, CA / Current town: Hayward, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Lion


Nila /  (Blazay Cosmetics)


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Taurus


Cain / (STR8_2DATOP Ink Clothing)

@Str8_2da _Top_Ink

Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Lion


Marquesa Wright / @styledbyques

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA / Current town: Stockton, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Giraffe 


Jalisa Edwards / @taesty_treatz_

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Hometown: Vallejo, CA / Current town: Vallejo, CA

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Cheetah


It's fashion show time again and we have puts lots of time and effort into putting on a great production for everyone! This time around, we have 11 clothing designers and a special body art opening for the show. We met up in March after the last runway show and brainstormed some new ideas for the theme of the show and we came up with a tribute to cinema. Each designer was able to choose their own movie to tribute and the choices came back all over the map, so the audience will be in store for a very diverse set of movie tributes including Clueless, Honey, Malcom X, Do The Right Thing, 50 Shades of Gray, The Great Gatsby, House Party, Miami Vice, Coming to America, Dead Presidents, 101 Dalmatians & Space Jam! The show itself will take place on Saturday, June 17th at Complex Oakland. Tickers are available by clicking here.

Meet the designers!



Movie Theme: Space Jam

My brand "SniqkerHead" was inspired from getting to know myself and staying true who I am as an individual. It’s a struggle to except your flaws and in today’s society, often times we are all trying to be someone else rather than ourselves to fit in. SniqkerHead is as bold as your favorite Sniqkers and fits as comfortable too. Each piece is cut and sown with different fabrics that are bold color. Sniqkerhead inspires you to be you, be BOLD and to be YOURSELF!

Goals: My goal for "SniqkerHead" as a brand is to expand and build a strong foundation formed around uniqueness, dope, and talented individuals. "SniqkerHead" was inspired by "Def Jam Records" with soo many dope individuals as Rick Ross, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z, just to name a few.

Desired Super Power: If I was given any power in the world, it would have to be to move as fast as the speed of lightening! Being able to be in one place and then to another in the matter of seconds. Then I would be able to travel the world!


Taurus born a Friday 10pm during a half moon 🌙

Movie Theme: Do the Right Thing & Malcolm X = Do the Righteous Thing 

Musahill is a clothing /lifestyle brand that curates consciousness and style. A developing brand with a message blended into the design aesthetic with a future in street luxury wear cut and sew. The brand is designed by Oakland designer Jibrial muhammad who has a vision to see his clothing brand across the world that serves as a link for those who are likeminded bringing them together through conscious dope fashion, creating dialogue and understanding with messages like "as salaam Alaikum or his black dreams matter Campaign." But now he has stepped into the cut and sew sector with his legacy bombers which will be featured in his new show. 

Goals: The goals for our brand is to go international and became the leading brand for stylish righteous or consciousness individuals who wish to represent a change in the powerful change in the world. 

Desired Super Power: Just give me super man abilities or make me a super genius. I'd be able to champion for black people build my own wakanda empire or something. 




Movie Theme: The Great Gatsby

The Janeé Ramini brand caters to the everyday woman who wants to feel upscale and beautiful. A Janeé Ramini garment enhances your own natural features and accentuates your own god given curves. When you wear a Janee Ramini piece you WILL feel like the most alluring woman in the room. 

Goals: My vision is that every woman WORLD WIDE will wear Janee Ramini. 

Desired Super Power: If I could have any super power in the world it would be to eradicate racism! 



Movie Theme: Clueless

Styled to Kill is a fashion and style online retailer. Celebrating the ability to slay rather it's in fashion or life in general.

Goals: My goal is to eventually have a space where people can come and get a complete make over from head to toe.

Desired Super Power: Teleportation! I hate the process of driving or traveling somewhere I just want to snap my fingers and there lol.




Movie Theme: 101 Dalmatians

Lecesear: My brand is more of a custom brand, I make everything from scratch. Sometimes I may make a prototype and see what the people think of it, then if its on high demand  I make a selected few. 

Goal: My goal is to make more custom clothes for big time celebrities and also start a actual clothing line.

Desired Super Power: to be able to see the future.

Waikiikii: Waikiikii is a very fun, colorful, vibrant , and printaful clothing line that is handmade exclusively by me. My brand is a reflection of my loud personality! I cater to the body and the soul because if you look good , you'll feel even better

Goal: Waikiikii's goal is to take her brand global! Not only do I want to make it major outside of the country, I want to see my brand on red carpets, award shows, magazines, billboards, videos, movies, plays, fashion week, and so much more! 

Desired Super Power: the gift to heal others. 



Movie Theme: Dead Presidents

Slim B Designs focuses on adding subtle yet impactful details, to bring a fresh take on current trending techniques to merchandise. Whether it be by original graphic designs or elevating pieces from other popular brands. Striving to create visually pleasing aesthetics. 

Goals: My main goal is to bring inspiration and confidence through my styling techniques, so people can see how to wear things outside of their own way of thinking. Give them more options than the obvious, so to speak. Make the clothing your own by adding or even subtracting from it. 



Movie Theme: 50 Shades of Gray.

My lingerie line is called Vengeance which means "revenge" because success is the best revenge . What inspired me to finally create this line was the fact that no too many people believe in my visions or my dreams. Finally one day I just took a leap and did what I wanted to do. This line is a sexy elegant andadorable lingerie for all women's of all sizes ! Every women should feel great about how they look and if anyone had a problem you better slap that lingerie on and show them how to work it. 

My goal for this brand is to create a line that all women of all shapes and sizes can wear and feel amazing in ! In the lingerie industry an image of you having to be small to be sexy is highly played and I want to be the one to break that! In addition to that I want to create an atmosphere where my brand support women on their goals and dreams no matter what they are!

Desired Super Power: Teleportation, I want to live in the past and see the future! I want to see it all!




Movie Theme: Honey

Audacia is a brand I created to express my vision of an inclusive, diverse and confident presence, unintimidated to challenge social standards. 

This collection in particular is inspired by the music that I zone out to when I create and hip hop fashion queens of the 90's. With oversized silhouettes and gender neutral sizing, my collection aims to challenge the standards of womenswear while designing hot styles with bold textiles. 

Goals: I am working towards establishing my e-commerce boutique, giving women of all shapes, shades and cultures, a brand to identify with and goals to expand as an inclusive gender neutral brand for all. 

Desired Super Power: Freeze time; so ill never be late to anything again



Movie Theme: Eyes Wide Shut

My brand King Beitia is the story of a black man trying to make more of himself and his culture through artistic expression. Inspired by the greats Keith Harring, Jean Michel Basquiat and Grace Jones I always knew I wanted to take risks in art. Honestly, starting out I wasn't motivated to go to college. I went to make my mom happy but I wanted to do what i loved. I went in front of a HBCU art committee with my artwork on the back of cardboard that i had sketched on the airplane ride. Being accepted into the art department at a 4 year university as a black boy from Oakland, this was the beginning of building towards my dreams. After graduating from Johnson C. Smith University with my Bachelor's degree, my work was featured in art galleries and art shows on the East Coast but i ultimately wanted to return back home to the Bay Area, where it all started. Now that I am back I am on a mission to see my work take off not only nationally but world wide.

Goals:  For my brand is to expand my artistic abilities and to body paint in different arenas around the world. 

Desired Super Power: Telekinesis/ Mind Control 

E L I R E D, Oakland / @eliredshirt


Movie Theme: Miami Vice

My brand is hand painted fashion full of vibrant colors and fashion statements that will demand attention anywhere you go.

Goal: To be a global start-up luxury fashion brand.

Desired Super Power: Fly to Miami for free every time! 


Khadija Al-Ghani, Oakland Ca / @kalghani


Movie theme: Coming to America

KalGhani is a very unique, bold , fearless swimwear line! It was founded in 2012 by Khadija Al-Ghani.. this line is meant to bring the sexy and boldness out of each women . It's sums up the definition of dare to be different. 

KalGhani's goal:  To be well known In the swimwear industry! 

Desired Superpower: Time travel 


We had a blast in LA, but we are really excited to be back at our home base, 111 Minna Gallery this coming Friday May 26. For this event, we will be doing a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey is trapxart. He is a very talented innovative artist and of course makes some great music. We have some really talented folks (as always) showcasing and vending with us for this one. For some of these artists, its their first time, and for others, they are trapxart veterans. Either way, we would love to introduce them to you! As we are gearing up for our Summer Runway Show (which is a tribute to cinema) we also asked all the artists what their favorite movie is, enjoy meeting them and see you all on Friday! 

Click Here for Tickets for The Nipsey Hussle Tribute

Nicole Freeman, 25 / Capricorn

IG @creativenikk  / Website:

Hometown: Bay Area  / Current Town: Santa Rosa 

My favorite movie is Love and Basketball I feel like I lived that movie. I watched it weekly in high school. It brings me back to my high school feels every time.

Asha Zinani, 27 / Taurus

IG @honeychokers  / Website: 

Hometown: Ossining, New York / Current Town: San Francisco, California 

My favorite movie is "Baby Boy." It's hilarious, but so real. Taraji and Tyrese made this movie a classic. 

Freeman, 300 Bang Bang / Gemini

IG: @trappedoutfreeeman / @Culturedvisualarts / Website: 

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area /Current Town: Ibiza, Spain 

My favorite movie is Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. I was probably 11 and accidentally stumbled upon the parody movie randomly in a Blockbuster with my friend ( yes on VHS ) - brought it home (think my mom bought it), watched it for the first time with my laughing buddy & best friend Justin, and my life was changed forever. We must've watched it a million times, along with Comicveiw, BET Uncut & GTA Vice City. Memorized and recited it constantly. It's not only my favorite movie for the rhetoric, comedy, and the brothers but because of how I was introduced to the movie, I thought we were the only ones our age who'd seen it, but in the coming years up to this day I constantly see the impact the film has had on the entire world, especially my generation. I still have the VHS. 

Shaina Walker, 24 / Aries

IG: @shainaxwalker / website:

Hometown: Berkeley, CA  / Current Town: Vallejo, CA

My favorite movie is ATL. I grew up in Atlanta, GA and between the music and dialect I believe it represented the young urban culture of Atlanta well. 


Wendell Coleman (Ismboutiquesf), 34 / Sagittarius

@ismboutique_sf, @smurflucci  /

Hometown: Jennings, La / Current Town: San Francisco, Ca

My favorite movie of all time would have to be "The usual suspects" because of its unpredictability & suspense. Every time I watch that movie it feels as if I'm watching it for the first time.. 


Arieana Castellanos, 21 / Leo

IG @youngcynicism / Website:

Hometown: Fresno, Ca / Current Town: San Leandro, 

My favorite movie is La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) because it is a story about Mexican immigration to the United States that really hit home for my grandma and me.

Patrick Mitchell, 31 / Gemini

IG @mitchellpatrick5

Hometown: Richmond, CA / Current Town: Richmond, CA

My favorite movie is The Dark Night because it is the only movie I can watch every day of my life.


Mike Bornstein, 27 / Cancer

IG @bornsteez / website:

Hometown: Connecticut / Current Town: San Jose, CA

My favorite movie is "The Outsiders" because "stay golden pony boy."

Joey, 31 / Sagittarius

IG @thahood.uber 

San Jose, CA

My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption because I can relate to it, also they have a saying "Get busy living or get busy dying."

 Ra'ab Osirus Bey, 45 / Scorpio


Hometown: San Francisco / Current Town: San Jose

My favorite movie is Bronx Tale because sistah reached over and opened the door. Classic

 Gerson Carranza, 25 / Capricorn

IG @gerson_builds / Website:                       

Hometown: Bakersfield, ca / Current town: Bakersfield, ca                       

The Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite movie because I love this man's passion and ambition. He has a vision even when he started from the basement, his vision is so humongous that he succeeds through it all. Life gets hard but You have to maneuver through the tight spots of it. And that's what's beautiful about life.

Jzela Johnson, 23 / Taurus

IG @Yng_Dstrsd / Website:

Hometown: Union City, Ca / Current town: Fresno, Ca

My favorite movie is Players Club because it is too funny, and truly some life lessons in that movie.

 Ariel Aylse Jackson, 28 / Cancer

IG @1MermaidBabe / Website:

Hometown: Richmond, Ca. 

My favorite movie is What's Love Got To Do With It "Little country church girl turned big Rock Star!" I love Tina's story to stardom as well as her huge voice! She shocked the world, and I intend to do the same. XOXO

Jamar Earnest, 23 / Pisces

IG  @nu.pharaoh & @drips._ / website:

Hometown: San Mateo / Current Town: Oakland

My favorite movie is Training Day. To see Denzel as a crooked cop but yet you still rock with him heavy in the whole movies is the best part about it. However, if you really watch the movie it tells you a lot about society and the different sides of people that we only have one perspective of. Every character in Training Day has two sides and everybody is in search of power or justice.


The Mackitty, Leo

IG @themackitty & @mackittycolours

Hometown & Current Town: outer space , from San Francisco to Sacramento

The complete Harry Potter series are my favorite movies.


Brianna, 22 / Virgo

IG @Briannaa_ashley / Website:

Hometown: Anywhere in the east bay basically lol / Current Town: Oakland

I don’t really have one I don’t have enough patience to sit thru a whole movie sometimes.


Ashley (A. Michelle), 27 / Taurus

IG: @creme_dela_ash

Hometown: Pittsburg, CA / Current Town: Brentwood, CA

I would have to say my favorite movie is 'Death Becomes Her'. I love the grim humor and the storyline is just really cool to me. I feel like there's a message to it as well. No matter how hard you try to keep up your good looks, who you are on the inside is just as is important if not more because beauty fades eventually.


Porsche Wiggins, 27 / Virgo

IG/Twitter @styledtokill / FB: / Website: 

Hometown & Current Town: Compton,Ca & Vallejo, CA

My favorite movie is Love Jones, because it's about black love and represents relatable situations that happen within relationships. Plus I'm a hopeless romantic. 

Ian Westart, 26 / Pisces

IG: @ianwestart / FB: @ianwestart / twitter: @ianwestart /

Hometown: Bay Area, currently in the Bay Area

My favorite movie always changes as I'm growing and learning new things. But right now I think my favorite movie is Edge of tomorrow with Tom Cruise. I love it because it's everything I want in a movie: action, adventure, technology, with a splash of sci-fi. Anyone can enjoy it. It brings death to the forefront of the movie and I find that relaxing.


Jeffrey Garland, 25 / Taurus

IG: @jephdraws

Hometown: Oakland / Current: San Leandro

My favorite movie is Jurassic park because I can watch people get eaten by dinosaurs for the rest of my life.

 Chris "Heezy" Hurtt (8BitHipHop), 24 / Capricorn

IG: @8bithiphop / Website:

Hometown: Queens, NY / Current Town: Oakland, CA

My favorite movie is The Matrix…that movie taught me to look beyond the surface. There's usually more than meets the eye.

Memo Vargas, 22 / Leo

IG @vy.mxmito_

Born in Lima, Peru  / Raised in Newark, Ca

My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction, I have always appreciated the art and dialogue that goes behind a Tarantino movie.

Kendal Renee, 21 / Aquarius

IG: @kendal.renee

Hometown: Pleasant Hill / Current Town: Pleasant Hill 

My favorite movie is probably Goodwill Hunting because I love Robin Williams and Matt Damon and the storyline is dope. A must see classic. 

Ariana Ferguson, 25/ Leo & Stephanie Villegas, 22 / Taurus

IG: @cciiofficial / Website:
Hometown: Woodside / Current Town: San Jose
I have a weird thing for Hannibal lector like I know he sucks but he's so fucking smart and he knows what is going on it just trips me out.



Trapxart is coming back to Hollywood on Sunday May 21st at the Avalon! We are beyond excited to work with all of the creative and dope people who are taking part in the event. The event will be a tribute to the well deserving and current cultural and artistic icon, Kendrick Lamar. You will see lots of artwork dedicated to Kendrick along with all sorts of other visual amazingness. We decided to start a blog so that everyone can get a little glimpse of who is involved and what to expect at the event. Not only are we in a venue 5x the size as the first LA event, but we've got wayyy more people involved and excited to share their crafts, inventions and talents! We hope that you enjoy getting to know the artists and hit us up if you are interested in being involved in the event somehow! 


the contributors: 

Nick Richard, 32 / Gemini

From Oakland, Live in Sylmar

IG @N.r_grafix / / N.r_grafix@facebook

“i am an artist first, but an educator from Oakland ALWAYS!”


SLIM / Cancer

@D33jayslim (IG, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr)

Hometown: Fontana, Current town: Los Angeles

“Hip hop connoisseur.”


Porsche Wiggins, 27 / Virgo

IG/Twitter: @styledtokill / FB:


Hometown & Current Town: Compton, CA & Vallejo, CA

“I'm also a Nail Technician. Fashion and style is not just about clothing, Issa look!”


SniqkerHead, 28 / Cancer

IG @sniqkerhead /

Hometown: Ceres, Ca / Current Town - Hayward, Ca

“I am a unique individual who has a vision for success. Everyday I am learning and growing  to love my uniqueness. I just want to appreciate and acknowledging my own positive qualities. Staying true to myself while walking along the path of striving and working on being the best Dominika Bonner I can. I am a daughter first and foremost, sister, an aunt, god mother, friend, student, manager, artists, photographer and a firm believer in God. The road he has instore for SniqkerHead that is more than a clothing line.”


Brittany Simon aka CreativHands, 25 / Virgo

@createluv /  Email:

Hometown & Current Town: I was born and raised in Los Angeles I currently reside in Long Beach

“Art is my passion I live and breathe it and I will use my skills to help other upcoming young artists showcase their talents.”

Elyse Thoms, 22 / Sagittarius

IG/twitter/fb/website @elysethoms

Hometown & Current Town: South Central LA

“One thing you'd like people to know about you:  I'm the shit yea.”


Faith Onwusa, 27 / Virgo

(IG/twitter/fb/website): @4wrap_queens @4miss_faith

Hometown & Current Town: Los Angeles, Ca

“I like to call myself the "DIY" queen. I love finding ways to recreate classics in a fun and creative way at home.”

Matteo Davinci, 24 / Libra

IG @Matteo_DaVinci

Hometown: Oakland, Ca / Current: Hayward, Ca

"If I had a daughter I'd name her Mona Lisa"


Beeniehead, 30 / Aries

IG @Beeniehead /

Hometown LA, Current town Tracy, CA

“I'm currently writing and illustrating a children's book.”


Kymberlee Franks, 22/ Libra

IG @cocoanillaapparel / fb:

Hayward CA

“I love women of color, i do this for the culture.”


Princess Russell/ Loukaili, 26 / Taurus

Hometown: Portmore, Jamaica / Current Town: San Bernardino, CA

“I’m a nomad. Home is where the heart is and i carry my heart everywhere i go. I started painting because Cynthia St James (Google her)  saw my doodles and said I need to put them on canvas. After that it was a wrap! I throw on some little dragon or whatever music i'm currently feeling and zone the hell out. Long story short, find your peace and you'll find your love. Matt 6:33-34”


Saréya Shorter, 28 / Pisces

IG @sareyashorter / website:

Hometown & Current Town: VALLEJO, CA

“The love I’ve developed for taking photographs is inevitable. Growing up my dad was always walking around with a camera or a camcorder capturing candid moments— back in the days of 35mm film & VHS tapes. Now, he has shoe boxes full of all the photos he’d taken of my siblings & me since we were born. I don’t think he even realizes it was he who ignited my passion for photography.”


Dylan Hall, 23 / Aries

Instagram/Twitter: @WalkThisHall

Hometown: Inglewood, Ca

Pelluminati Project "Clothing Line" 

“I am a graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in Business Administraton with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Advertising. At TrapxArt i will be promoting my clothing line, The Pelluminati Project. My partner and cousin will also be at Trapxart promoting his art. The Pelluminati Project is not only a clothing line, yet a brand. It's a brand that embraces and promotes individuality. A brand that admires being different.You can follow our clothing line on instagram @ShopPelluminati”

Ian Westart, 26 / Pisces

IG @ianwestart /Facebook @ianwestart / twitter: @ianwestart

Hometown: Bay Area, currently in the Bay Area

“All i want to do is make art, all sorts of art, for every single reason. Art is the perfect allegory for life. i love life.”

Icey Milli, 23 / Libra

IG @iceymilli / fb: everythingruthless

Sacramento,CA born Bay Area living.

“One thing I would like people to know about me is I love doing nails. I love breaking boundaries &I including art in everything I do.”


Tifase Somadhi, 24 / Gemini

IG @itsfase/@itsfase/tifase.somadhi

Hometown: San Bernardino

“I advocate the saying "chase your dreams or end up working for somebody who did!"


Tiffany Celeste, Capricorn

IG @TiffanyCelestew / /

Hometown & Current Town:  Columbus Oh (hometown), Los Angeles, CA (current)

“Is My Life motto is to Pay it forward and Enjoy life!!!”


WrittenWrose, 23 / Leo

IG @writtenwrose & @thewroses / Twitter: @luvmenatural / Tumblr:

Hometown & Current Town: Carson, CA

“I strive to be a light in a world that can be dark at times. I believe that with a Vision & Passion, all things are possible. I thoroughly enjoy writing, working with students, nature, & growing/learning everyday."

Velma, Cancer

IG @s.boogie /

Hometown / current town: Oakland to Long Beach

“Creation is my therapy, art is my counselor.”


Tarveen Virdee, 27 / Aquarius

IG @hennabyt & @thehomietkv_

Hometown: Born in London, Raised in Bay Area, now in LA

“I started doing henna to share a part of the Indian culture with others. Henna was something I had always wanted to learn and sought out to learn. I feel blessed that I have been able to share my artistic vision and expose traditional Henna with such a diverse clientele.”


Vino Chatmon, 25 / Sagittarius

IG @Ci.Kustomz

Los Angeles, CA

“Never stop practicing it doesn't make perfect but it makes better.”


Remi De'Armond, 25/ Scorpio & Arianna Shackelford, 26/ Cancer

@CollardGreens /

Hometown: Oakland/Sacramento,Ca / Current Town: Los Angeles,Ca

“CollardGreen$ is a small clothing brand handmade in Los Angeles w/ one of a kind Pieces for the young women that love to be wild and free!”


Ashleigh Parker, 30 / Cancer

IG @grandeurfashions

Hometown & Current town: Los Angeles

"Creativity takes courage" -Henri Matisse


 Breyanni Vaughn, 23 / Cancer

IG: @shopbrajais @breyanni /

Hometown & Current Town: Vallejo,Ca

“I live by the quote "Life is God's gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to God". Anything is possible when you leap out on faith, I refuse to live with the " I could've, would've, and should've s.”

Keandre Allums, 24 / Aries

IG @KeDaBarber / Facebook: Keandre Allums / SnapChat: The-6God

Oakland, CA

“You Ain't Gotta Be A DopeBoy To Have Money.”


Leontre' Tabor"Niice Johnny", 28 / Scorpio

IG & Twitter @helloimniice /

San Diego, CA

“I count the number of steps I take up a flight of stairs.”


Amber Ledet, 25 / Cancer

IG / Twitter: @amberaledet / Facebook: artbyamberledet

Hometown New Orleans, Louisiana / Current Town: Los Angeles

"Painting is a recent creative endeavor for me and has opened a new door for me to explore and express my self. It's been my saving grace and the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes. I'm happy to share pieces of myself with you, get to know me through my art."

Also I will be selling prints of the sunflower painting I just sent at the event :)

Winter Miller, 26 / Aquarius

IG @winmillcreations / Twitter @WintersCreation 

Hometown & Current Town: Mountain View & Tracy 

"I'm a self taught artist."

Tyrah Dillard, 25 / Cancer

IG @Tyinkwell

Hometown: LA / Current Town: Lancaster,  CA

“food and art supplies are the way to my heart.”


Kiara Marie, 24 / Leo

IG @Waikiikii / @shopwaikiikii  / FB:


Hometown/Current: Richmond, Ca /Antioch,Ca

“I would like to let the folks know that Fashion has ALWAYS been my #1 passion since a child. The fact that I am 24 years young living out my God given gift 24/7 keeps me sane. It keeps me happy and keeps the creative juices flowing. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life, because clothes are forever and that is certain... go for what you know, and LIVE OUT YOUR DREAM!”



Makayla "Booclay", 21/ Sagittarius

@b00clay (those are zeros btw)

Born and raised: Berkeley (South Berkeley), CA

“One thing I'd like people to know about me: I'm not concerned about this shady world we live in. I find fun and joy in every single day that I'm blessed to see, for we don't know when we will leave.”



Darren, 24 / Aquarius

IG @darrenstuckkk / clothing IG @stuckinmyways.usa / website:

Long Beach, CA

“I'm humble and positive. I want to show the people what StuckInMyWays is all about and what everyone should be on the lookout for.”



Whitney "Steez" Hester, 23 / Cancer

IG @STEEZdot6 / Twitter @STEEZdot6 /

Hometown: Atlanta, GA / Current: Los Angeles, CA

“Regardless of what life has thrown at me, I remain optimistic. It's what gets me a step further in life.”


Ana Cervantes (the color fairy), 25 / Aquarius


Hometown: San Bernardino, CA / Current Town: Bellflower, CA

“My art is my heart and soul. Through art I found myself and true freedom.

"I share my passion with the world in hopes of provoking thought, awakening the lover and creator in others; and of course, bringing a splash of color to everyone's life! *doctor recommended*"


Breanna Horne (foxy bre), 21/ Cancer

IG @foxxybre

Current town: Hawthorne Ca

“I can sing my butt off.”


Marleena aka "Moofasa", 22 / Taurus


Hometown & Current Town: Sacramento born and raised, Long Beach based

My #PacifyHerProject starts the conversation no one wants to talk about and that is mental illness in our communities.  It all goes back to the intergenerational trauma put onto oppressed communities across America, in regards for equality.

There's a reason for substance abuse, alcoholism, gang violence, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, murder, and suicide happen. And that reason is power. Power over another is a mental game, however, to admit to having a mental illness whether it be Anxiety or depression, it is looked down upon as being weak, and therefore becomes an ignored subject.

I want people to know that it's okay not to be okay. The sooner we get people to acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to heal our communities, our families, and our friends.


The Homie Dreebo, 26/ Leo

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @thehomiedreebo / Brand Instagram: @Shopthehomies / Snapchat: @dr33bo

Hometown & Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

"I'm not a talker Ima doer".


Stephanie Alcazar, 27 / Virgo

IG @sssteffy /

Hometown/Current town : from Oakland to Antioch and back to Oakland.

“Self - taught photographer with a deep love of capturing culture and history. I want my photographs to be everywhere NatGeo, history books, billboards, magazine covers, etc.”


Thurzday, 29/ Sag cusp Scorpio

Hometown n ish: Born in Newark Nj, Raised in the Caribbean, Lives is LA
"I wear a Crown 👑 on a Daily basis."


Howard Hines, 23/ Libra  & Ramzi Fardan, 24/ Leo

IG @everythiingvogue / Twitter @evblackmarket /

Home: Los Angeles/ Residing: San Jose

“Everything Vogue is a brand that represents black culture and individualism.”


Devin Williams, 23 / Capricorn

IG @devintehduude

Hometown: San Jose, CA / Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

“I'm just here to party.”

(Model in Picture: Chelsea Claire/ IG @chelseaclaire)


 Bianca " Stella B ", 23 / Gemini

IG @the.stellab, @stellabvisuals / Twitter @the_stellab / Website:

Hometown & Current Town: Richmond, Ca / San Francisco, CA

“No matter how many " no's " I get, I'm still going to push myself. Failure is not an option. Although failure may and have occurred, I will not settle just to fail. I came from nothing but working to have everything. I will win, succeed & prosper. With God and my art, everything and anything is possible.”


Lake Carter "Penguin Lake", 24

IG @thePenguinLake /

Hometown: Los Angeles

“I paint pictures, take pictures and am seeking the Big picture... I am an artist and try to find the artistry in everything, I've dabbled in most of the arts”

"Penguins live all their lives being different from the rest of the birds... as do i"


Karla Ramirez, 24/ Cancer

IG @bonita.cholitaa

Hometown: Los Angeles

"I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious."


Princeton (Mr. Lè Phresh) Faure, 25 / Capricorn

IG @Lephresh / Snapchat: MrLePhresh /

Hometown/Current: Union City, CA

“I do things that make me happy to encourage others to do the same.”


Blair Robinson, 26 / Pisces

IG @chief.beast

Hometown/Current Town: HT is Richmond, VA & CT is Echo Park, LA

“I just want people to fuck with my vision.”


Farleen Osias, 33/ Virgo

IG @farlo_art /Facebook: Farlo Custom Art 

Hometown: San Francisco, CA/ Current Town: Vallejo, CA

“Art is not my craft. It is my passion. Art is not something I do. It is something I am.”


Xopher Seuss

IG @xseuss / Twitter@_xseuss / /

Xopher Seuss (°1989, Houston, United States) makes paintings, photos, drawings and media art. By using popular themes such as sexuality, family structure and violence, Seuss creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer round and round in circles.

His paintings directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, he touches various overlapping themes and strategies. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognised, such as the relation with popular culture and media, working with repetition, provocation and the investigation of the process of expectations.

His works doesn’t reference recognisable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. By applying abstraction, his approach is wide in scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

His works often refers to pop and mass culture. Using written and drawn symbols, a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined is created.


Monie, 26 / Leo

IG @tattoosbymonie /Facebook: Tattoos by Monie

Hometown & Current Town: Los Angeles

“I've always dreamed of becoming a professional player until I realized art was my true passion.”


Aaron Beitia, 25 / Aries

IG @iamkingbeitia / Hometown: Oakland, CA

“I like sushi 🍣”


Trippy Sanders/ Capricorn

IG @trippy_sanders / @soso_rigmaiden

Hometown & Current Town: Union City, CA & Oakland, CA

“I’ve been a producer/singer much much longer than I've been a Visual Artist, this art stuff was completely accidental.”


Corey Gaither / Capricorn

IG @PlanetAfreeka/ twitter @PlanetAfreek /

Hometown & Current Town: Rialto, CA & Los Angeles , CA

“Paint, Hennessy , and a 90's playlist = Great weekend”


i'Klektik Jane, 28/ Cancer

IG @TheeiklektikJane, @IklektikStyle / FB: iklektikStyle /

Hometown: Richmond, CA / Current Town: Sacramento, CA

“Queen of all trades, master to none™”


Aizik Brown, 22 / Virgo

IG @aikbrown /

Sacramento, CA

“I am a free spirit that lives with the ideology of peace, love, and happiness.”


Victor Burnett, 24/ Leo

IG @VicThaRuler / @ActriteLosAngeles / twitter @VicThaRuler/

Hometown & Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

“I'm here to deliver a one of a kind product and an organic experience  through Actrite LA.”


 Toni Fowler, 24 / Aries

IG @tonithetigerrrrr / Facebook: Toni Fowler / (originals+prints) / (phone cases, mugs, prints &bath rugs)

Hometown: Born and raised in sunny Ca, have lived in Compton my entire life.

“My long term goal is to open a space where aspiring artist, young and old can come and have a safe environment to produce dope art. Network, collab with other artists, host workshops, art shows, even have poetry nights, etc.”

Tymiah Williams, 23/ Virgo

IG @ayeeetymiah /

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

“If I ever get stranded on an island with nothing but Palm Trees just give me some paints, water maybe some wine, I’ll be just fine.”

Ninofresh, 26 / Taurus

IG @Ninofresh103

Hometown: Watts, CA / Current town: Gardena, CA

“I'm extremely versatile.”


Von Caso, 26 / Libra

IG & Snapchat @voncaso / business page@casotattoos

Vallejo, CA

“I'm on the road to success.”


Zyme, 28 Million Years Old / Libra

IG/ Twitter/ Facebook @zymeiscool

Original Egypt, Mars

“I ate a chicken fetus once before.”


Deija Brelynn (Poetic), 21 / Cancer

IG/ Twitter/ FB: @poeticgypsy /

Hometown: Sacramento / Current Town: Los Angeles

“I'm a healer with an infinite capacity of love and light and I plan to share that with the world, whether it is reciprocated or not.”


Antoinette Cauley, 28 / Cancer

IG @antoinettecauley_art / AntoinetteCauleyArt.Com

Hometown/ Current Town: Phoenix, AZ

“I am a full time working artist who specializes in portrait work. My work is gritty and pretty; combining rap music, social justice issues & galactic prints. I was just named the 2017 Best Local Artist in Arizona by AZ Foothills Magazine. I also run teen fine art and hip hop classes throughout the city of Phoenix.”


The Artist Dom, 24 / Cancer

IG & Twitter @TheArtistDom

LA Born & Raised

“I'm human.”


Helena Fisiiahi aka Na, 28/ Aries

IG @datgirlna / Twitter @_datnewna /Facebook: Naleka Fisiiahi /Snapchat: Itsnablaah

Hometown: North Sacramento, CA /Current town: East Oakland, CA

“My paintings are all small visuals of my dreams I've had. And that they may contain cigarette ashes in the paint”


Michaela Reed, aka Soul Or SoulFull, 21 / Virgo

IG: @_soulfull / website:

Hometown/Current town: Long Beach

“I would like for people to know that I am passionate about my work, and I love to inspire people with my art. My goal is to create work that is thought provoking and allows people to use their imagination.”


Parker Winans, 26 / Aries

IG @Scumchoir /

Hometown and Current: Born In Minden, NV/  Currently lives in Los Angeles

“I just put out a book of drawings called Things, Beings & Places I’ve Seen and It’s available on Amazon.”


Nessie Blaze, 26 / Aries

IG @Nessie_Blaze / Facebook: Nessie Blaze / Twitter: Nessie Blaze

Hometown: Bristol, PA /Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

“I travel coast-to-coast as a full-time artist since 2013 doing tattoos, paint, draw and make music 24/7. :)”


London James, 25 / Leo


Originally from Chicago, grew up in Los Angeles

“I also teach ceramics at my Clay and Connect events at the Comfort LA. Come enjoy something new and unique over a chill brunch with clay aesthetic vibes. Follow @ClayandConnect and @MadeInLondonJ for the next Clay and Connect date.”

*Feel free to hop on my wheel at the show, I'd be thrilled to give someone the opportunity to make your trapxart LA experience memorable!




Tree of Lyfe, Age: Infinite / Libra

IG @treeoflyfe / @brilliancestaysdriven / Twitter @Treeoflyfemusic /

Hometown: Inkster | Detroit Michigan

“My goal is to complete the cycle of life & live forever through everything I was able to share through the brilliance of creation.”  



October BLU & AKoldpiece / Libras

IG @OctoberBluu @akolpiece  / Facebook: October BLU & Frio de Pedazo

Hometown & Current Town: South Central Los Angeles

“We are A couple of Poets and Artists who believe in shining light on the beauty of the African Diaspora. “



Phillipa Imani, 25/ Sagittarius

IG @PhillipaImani/ PhillipaImani.Com

Hometown & Current Town: South Central , LA

“One thing you'd like people to know about you : I perfect my craft everyday, I take my time with every garment. Detail is key.”


Ariel Daileon Shipp / Aquarius

IG @poohlaah

Hometown: Carson, CA

“I am not afraid to fail.”


GuudLife Rae, 25 / Sagittarius

IG @guudlukin /Twitter @GdlknOut / Facebook: Guud Paint

Hometown & Current Town: LA, LA

“I am a Leader, Doer, One who submits to God, Giver of Prosperity.”


 Sega Nam aka Sega Misfit, 34 / Scorpio

IG @SegaMisfit /

Hometown & Current Town: Long Beach, CA

“Good Vibes Only, Everyday. All day.”


Randijah Simmons / Sybergurl, 22 / Capricorn

IG @yungdij / @sybergurrl.comm

Hometown & Current Town: South Central Los Angeles

“I'm an artist.. and I'm sensitive about my shit!”


 Blak Kanvas, 22 / Gemini

IG @sunihippiee & @blak_kanvas / Twitter: @sunihippiee / Website (still under construction):

Hometown: Los Angeles/ Current Town: Long Beach

“Shift Happens.”


Shalikah Skeete, 26 / Virgo

IG @mindfulcomplexions / Twitter: @MindfulComplxns / Facebook: @MindfulComplexions

Hometown & Current Town: All over the I.E., currently reside in Rancho Cucamonga

“I make all-natural organic skin care products for Kings and Queens of color, and I'm very passionate about what I do.”


AAJ ( Abstract Art by Javon)/ Aquarius

IG @aajvxn / website:

Sacramento, CA

"I paint not only for the passion and love but to be apart of history."


STUZO CLOTHING (Stoney & Uzo), 35 / Sagittarius & Gemini (Sagemini) 

IG/twitter/fb @stuzoclothing / Website:

Hometown & Current Town: New York & Los Angeles

“We live our truth and love all that choose to do the same.”



IG @themackitty & @mackittycolours / Twitter  @THEMACKITTY

Hometown & Current Town: outer space , from San Francisco to Sacramento

“I am not a human I'm just a vessel & I have multiple personalities.”


 Miscasstelle, 24 / Aquarius

IG @Miscasstelle

Hometown: Miami-Dade, Florida / Current Town: North Hollywood ,California

“Less than a year ago I was living in my car, it's like my world did a 180 and I'm in a whole new planet I'd like to share with everyone.”

Lena, 1,000 soul years & about as prototypically Virgo as they come

IG @lenakrystyna /  /

Hometown: Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine. Current Town: East Bay (El Sobrante), California

"Brevity isn't my strong suit. That being said, I am an avid seeker of social change and a student of self-love. My journey so far has been a rough deck of cards, but I'm thankful for the grit it has built within me. I like to combine my passion for socio-politics with art. Partial proceeds of my artwork are donated to LideHaiti, an organization that provides arts education and vocational training to young girls to help funnel them into stable careers and life paths in Haiti. Art and nature are my only religions, as they both teach me how to better love myself and others, and I live to worship it all through my creations. I find that I cannot function if I am not painting as a means of therapy and creative expression. It is my air. I am so glad that my love for art as a means for healing is something that I can share with others, in hopes to better myself, and the world we live in. I look forward to continuing to bear witness to my development as a woman and an artist, because, for me, there is no separation."

Oto Attah, 21/ Leo

IG @photonoph
Hometown & Current Town: Inglewood, CA
“I want to change the world through the arts.”


Bobbie B, 27 / Libra

IG @Bonniebubblez510

Hometown & Current Town: Oakland, CA

“I was raised in a struggling household and have always hustled to survive. I use art to escape reality for a bit and hopefully one day my art will make my reality something I no longer have to escape. The Bay Area births many Legends and Artists.Watch me as I strive to be great.”


Tre' Burnett, 23 / Taurus

IG @TheBrohamTre /

Sacramento, CA

“My goal is to get you to release that inner child.”


Jarrett Jamison, 30 / Aquarius

IG @DBLJ05 & @JJARTS05 / Twitter @DBLJ05 / FB (original art prints) / (clothing, pillows and other merch)

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH / Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

"I get inspired by seeing people do what they love."

Cali Exclusive Co. (Keenan & Greg), 24 / aries'

@caliexclusive on ALL platforms / @caliexclusiveceo & @mrcaliexclusive

Hometown & Current Town: Los Angeles, CA

“This whole business is self taught with no mentors from photography, marketing, sewing, screen-printing, and graphic editing. We also did NOT want to rely on celebrity promotion in order to gain traffic.”


Stephen Jaffe, 31/ Virgo

IG @ stephen_jaffeoriginals / Twitter - @jaffmania / Facebook - Stephen Jaffe

Website -

Hometown: Seattle, WA / Current City: Los Angeles, CA

“Hello, I'm Stephen Jaffe. The art that I create was born out of doodling in the margins of my college notebooks. It's truly a labor a love and it brings me respite and clarity.”